Madboy, Synths Back & The Backdoor Project

Madboy, Synths Back & The Backdoor Project


5 February 2020


Khar Social


The Backdoor Project

The Backdoor Project is solo project by Bombay based aspiring artist Robertson Lyngdoh. Primarily focusing on house music sound, the project switches from genres like tech-house to disco house.



As half of Madboy/Mink, and prior to that, as frontman for The Pulp Society, Imaad Shah’s career to date has spanned film, theatre, and of course, music. In in 2016, he began to explore a slightly different musical experiment under his solo project as Madboy, one that explores live sequencing, analog gear, his guitar, and lyrics sung in both Hindi and English.


Synths Back

Synths Back was conceived by Abhishek Chanda. Born out of the islanders unconditional reverence for the ever impressive synthesisers. Consumed by the very intrigue of these powerful modular beasts, electronic music is his religion of sorts. Hence a relentless pursuit. Tunes crafted out of thin air aspire to indulge the listeners whilst they identify their own groove in the magical realm of Electronic Music. With his roots from the 80's Synths Pop Era and being inspired by Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Yazu, Modern Talking,



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