The Midival Punditz & The Untitled One

The Midival Punditz & The Untitled One


31 January 2020


Foxtrot - House of Subculture


Image by Anushka Menon


The Midival Punditz

The Midival Punditz are easily one of India’s biggest and most prolific electronica act. The past decade has seen the rise of the electronica scene within India and no single band has had more influence on its growth than Midival Punditz. The Punditz have been trailblazers, breaking new ground with each achievement, and creating a path for others to follow. The Punditz are well known for their unique brand of electronica. After touring extensively all over the world, they’ve styled a unique and revolutionary live act that has room for jamming, re-mixing and innovating on stage, thus making no two live shows the same.


The Untitled One

The Untitled One is a Bangalore based Drum & Bass DJ, with an evolving musical taste within the underground bass music culture.



The Midival Punditz The Untitled One Foxtrot - House of Subculture


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