Elena Colombi

Elena Colombi


17 January 2020


New Delhi


Elena Colombi

Many DJs claim to be champions of free-spirited eclecticism, but few truly break boundaries or swerve convention. Step forward Elena Colombi, a DJ and radio host whose inspired sets are not only open-minded and mind-altering, but also seek to toy with the emotions of listeners and dancers via shifts in intensity, tone, light and shadow. Her distinctive approach is truly unique, in part thanks to a widescreen grasp of different musical cultures, sounds and rhythms, born out of travelling the world with her family from a young age. This nomadic approach is something that Colombi still embraces. After ten years living in London and making her mark in the city’s electronic music underground and a brief relocation to Brussels, the artist is now based in Amsterdam, where she can be found contributing to the vital local scene whilst focusing on her new label, Osàre! Editions.


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