Prabh Deep & Kaam Bhaari

Prabh Deep & Kaam Bhaari


21 December 2019




Kaam Bhaari

Rap is poetry on a beat, which is cushioned comfort for Mumbai-based Kunal Pandagle who is at peace spilling words that are triggered by the metronome alone. As Kaam Bhaari, the 20-year-old lyrical machine has been representing Kandivali 101 ever since hip-hop emerged as a natural medium of expression in his early teenage years.


Prabh Deep

Prabh Deep is an MC from New Delhi, India. Gifted with a unique voice that contains traces of the traditional Punjabi folk singers, Prabh has been at the forefront of Delhi's hip-hop scene. Besides being a recording artist, He also pushes for and organizes MC Battles in the city. Born and brought up in Tilak Nagar, Prabh's self-conscious music paints a vivid picture of growing up in a locality that's still reeling from the fallout of the 1984 riots, the recent influx of drugs and guns in the community and his personal accounts of dealing with losing friends and loved ones.



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