Tapefeed, Cosmic Capsule & Crylighter

Tapefeed, Cosmic Capsule & Crylighter


21 November 2019


Auro Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi


Image by KURØ from artist's Facebook.


The London-based, Italian-bred techno duo Tapefeed, namely Alessandro Boni and Rick Vayo have been establishing their powerfully apocalyptic broken-beats techno in the London scene before taking their characteristically raw percussive sounds onto the international dance music circuit. This ever-evolving sound comes as the pinnacle of years of musical experience: Alessandro’s as a music and art director, event organiser and avid music listener, and Rick’s as a drummer in rock bands as well as his studies in production.


The moniker of New Delhi's Ramya Patnaik through which she delivers hard-hitting techno.


Cosmic Capsule

A firm believer and preacher in conveying his musical expression to take fun seriously, Cosmic Capsule is about telling interesting tales via sounds to make people rise instead of fall.



Cosmic Capsule Auro Kitchen & Bar


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