Cinnaman & Dar Disku

Cinnaman & Dar Disku


7 September 2019




Image by Liaison Artists


The Amsterdam based Yuri Boselie, alias Cinnaman, is rightfully known as one of the leading Dutch DJs of the moment. At an early age he stepped up behind the decks and his years of experience clearly come to the fore in his eclectic DJ sets. Cinnaman plays a wide range of styles and is never afraid to mix the known with the unknown. From house to hip-hop, from techno to garage: Cinnaman never hesitates to take risks in his sets and always draws for remarkable combinations and transitions.

Dar Disko

Dar Disku is an independent label and dj collective founded in 2018 based in London and Bahrain. 'Dar-Disku' comes from the 1970s Egyptian pop culture magazine of the same name and directly translates into 'home of the disco'. Dar Disku is a label celebrating music from across Arabia. Founded by Mazen AlMaskati and Vish Mhatre in 2018; the label encompasses all things Psychedelia, Hip-hop, Disco, Strange and Pure. Dar Disku's live sets have been seen as a journey across arabia and more - exploring sub-genres such as Dabke, Rai, ArabiDisco, Habibi House, Afrodisco, Sawt and Khaliji.


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