Dengue Dengue Dengue & Raka

Dengue Dengue Dengue & Raka


8 September 2019


Fandom At Gilly's Redefined


Image by Hendrik Kussin

Dengue Dengue Dengue

Global bass, cumbia digital, tropical bass—whatever you call their music, this Peruvian duo are creating thrilling fusions of traditional rhythms and modern electronics. Rafael Pereira will be coming down to India to present this incredibly unique live A/V set. In Peru, "having dengue" is a slang term for wanting to party. Multiply that urge by three and you get the electronic cumbia of Dengue Dengue Dengue. It’s a name that the act perfectly lives up to, with their records perfectly capturing the spirit of the party with a pitch perfect synthesis of tribal percussions, latin folk instrumentation and synth bass. Live, their penchant for playing behind neon coloured tribal masks only increases the excitement, making the crowd feel like they’re participating in a psychedelic ritual presided over by a shaman.


RAKA is a Music Producer and DJ based out of Bangalore, India. His sound is engineered with a heady mixture of heavy hitting drums, crisp percussions and tight snares, garnished liberally with unconventional sampling and tied in together with generous amounts of bass.


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