Three Oscillators, Hemant Sk + S I S T E R, Jamblu & Hoirong

Three Oscillators, Hemant Sk + S I S T E R, Jamblu & Hoirong


18 July 2019


Cafe Turquoise Cottage
New Delhi



Three Oscillators

Three Oscillators is Brij Dalvi and Avit Rane.



Bedroom jams, post dance ambient, lounge,



Hoirong is a four-piece rock band from India. Their music is very confusing, with traces of punk, post-rock, pop, noise, art-rock and disco(!) jostling for space and making fleeting appearances. Having excited audiences into a froth all over the world, they have now returned to focus all their energy on tapping into the Indian market


Hemant Sk

Hemant Sreekumar is a noise artist who got involved with noise in 1986 when he started self-hypnosis using television and radio static. He embroiders coded computational processes to create sonic situations. His compositions deal with notions of measurement, decay, data sonification and stochastic emergence.



Three Oscillators Jamblu Hoirong S I S T E R Hemant Sk REProduce Cafe Turquoise Cottage


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