Metodi Hristov & Toto Chiavetta

Metodi Hristov & Toto Chiavetta


29 June 2019


Kitty Su


Metodi Hristov

With his truly unique style, ranging from raw techno beats to the darker side of tech house, Bulgarian-based Metodi Hristov was able to win the fans of electronic music for a short period of time. He loves to experiment and mix up different music styles, which results in an unexpectedly good combination.

Toto Chiavetta

Born and raised in Italy, Toto Chiavetta bumped into the techno scene in his adolescence and developed a continuous affair with the music that resulted in producing own tracks with his PlayStation at an early stage in his youth. His music is much appreciated for its deep, organic and techno sound with shades of African influences.


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