Ran Salman & Axy

Ran Salman & Axy


21 June 2019


Le vantage Cafe & Bar


Ran Salman

Tel Aviv based Ran Salman is a Live Act, DJ and Producer. Starting as a producing duo, under the alias ‘Eastern Spirit‘, with chill-out music and receiving great support in this genre, he nevertheless evolved and opted for a solo career. Influenced by a broad range of electronic music genres from house, deep house and techno to disco, he created his very own style. Combining arrangements of spherical melodies and edgy elements, with oriental influences from his home country, he expresses his thoughts and emotions through analog synthesizers, drum machines, bass guitar and even his own voice.


Affiliated with Subkltr, AXY is a DJ from Bangalore who is a purveyor of deep, soul music with a touch of melancholy and house beats.


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