MC Manmeet Kaur, MC Tod Fod, EveryNowHere & Pulpy Shilpy

MC Manmeet Kaur, MC Tod Fod, EveryNowHere & Pulpy Shilpy


14 June 2019


G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture



MC Manmeet Kaur

One of India's few female emcees who describes herself as a hip-hop artist, rapper, singer and nomad.


Pulpy Shilpy

Pulpy Shilpy is the electronic avatar of Pune-based singer/songwriter Gowri Jayakumar, who also fronts freak funk quartet Run Pussy Run. With her roots in soul, jazz and wordplay, she is known for her unique and versatile methods of storytelling and performance. She released her debut hip hop single 'Kaadal Mannan' last year to rave reviews, with Rolling Stone India describing the song as her "feminist fiercest". Gowri was a journalist for seven years (2006-2012) after which she studied music for ten months at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. She began playing guitar at the age of 15, and that's how it all began.



Based between India, Germany, London and more recently Lisbon, EveryNowHere is what the Indian-German multi-instrumentalist, producer-singer T.L. Mazumdar refers to as his ‘’Laptop Avatar’’. The name EveryNowHere is s reference to the time-space paradigm that seems to be changing forms in ways everyday the more virtual we grow.


MC Tod Fod

Dharmesh Parmar aka MC Tod Fod is a Gujarati rapper from the Mumbai-based hip-hop collective, Swadesi. Dharmesh has lived his whole life in Naigoan in Dadar and grew up on a steady diet of old Bollywood songs, bhajans and bhim geet. His introduction to rap came through watching videos on Vh1, but his true education began when he met MC Mawali and the Swadesi crew a couple of years ago.



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