rRoxymore, Monophonik & Shireen

rRoxymore, Monophonik & Shireen


25 May 2019


Auro Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi



rRoxymore fleshed out her reputation as a leftfield house and techno artist through her contrasting blend of organic and synthetic textures – a quality she attributes to her hip-hop-rooted introduction to music production. Rising to global prominence through her releases on Bristol-based Don’t Be Afraid label, her electro-acoustic productions draw from her love for experimentation and abstract rhythmic intuition



Monophonik is the solo project of Mumbai based electronic music producer Shatrunjai Dewan. Having formally trained in classical piano and studied audio engineering, he now combines skillset of the two, creating a reservoir of fresh sounding, uplifting electronic music, infused with melody, grove, and the rawness of analog synthesizers. He takes a unique approach in performing his music live, believing that electronic music, like any other pop/rock music, can be performed live, without having to playback pre-recorded audio. He is able to achieve this by re-creating sounds in real time with the help of a combination of analog modular synthesizers, which are used in his live show.



Shireen is a Delhi-based DJ, and a member of the all-femme creative collective Coven Code. Heavily influenced by the clubbing culture of the UK and its faraway threads in the current Indian music scene, her sets draw from various dance music styles, focusing on house and techno, as well as UK garage, breakbeat, dubstep, and other subgenres falling under the UK bass music umbrella.



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