Native India, JBABE, Elevated Pride & More

Native India, JBABE, Elevated Pride & More


24 May 2019




Venue: The Grid


Native Indian

Native Indian is the electronic project of upcoming producer and singer/rapper Siva Baskaran [Siva SBK]. Having early influences from the southern part of the Indian sub-continent, he resonates it’s unique rhythmic sensibilities and fuses them with the new era of emerging hip-hop & gospel production seen worldwide. His influences range from Indian classical music to heavy metal and Jazz.


Arshaq Malik & 47K

A hip-hop duo that comprises of Bangalore-based vocalist/producer, Arshaq Malik & producer extraordinaire, 47K, from Chennai. Arshaq Malik performs as the vocalist of the experimental metal band, ‘Trash Talk’, and also releases music through his solo project. 47K has been an active part of the hip-hop scene in Chennai, performing with his rap collective, ‘ElevatedPride’. Their debut collaborative was release through independent hip-hop label, Elements, on 13th April 2019. The first single off the project, ‘Coming For Your Necks’ was released as a part of Elements 'The Indian Hip-Hop Compilation Volume 1' in late 2018.



JBABE is the solo project of The F16s' Josh Fernandez. He describes his music as lo-fi, indie-pop mixed with rhythm and blues.


Elevated Pride

A 5-member hip-hop collective from Chennai.



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