Rodney P, Skitz, Prabh Deep, Seedhe Maut & More

Rodney P, Skitz, Prabh Deep, Seedhe Maut & More


11 May 2019


Khar Social


Rodney P

Rodney P is widely acknowledged as the Godfather of UK Rap. Inspiring a whole generation of British emcees and producers by being the first to rap in his authentic London accent and produce a home-grown Hip Hop reggae vibe that is distinctly rooted in the UK. Following the international success of London Posse, Rodney P has enjoyed one of the most esteemed and perpetual careers in UK hip hop to date.


Skitz gained recognition as a homegrown Hip Hop producer fusing the rawness of UK emcees with solid production and distinctively Jamaican influenced bass-lines. His first album Countryman won Hip Hop album of the year and catapulted rappers such as Est’elle, Roots Manuva and Skinnyman into the limelight.


Prabh Deep

Prabh Deep is an MC from New Delhi, India. Gifted with a unique voice that contains traces of the traditional Punjabi folk singers, Prabh has been at the forefront of Delhi's hip-hop scene. Besides being a recording artist, He also pushes for and organizes MC Battles in the city. Born and brought up in Tilak Nagar, Prabh's self-conscious music paints a vivid picture of growing up in a locality that's still reeling from the fallout of the 1984 riots, the recent influx of drugs and guns in the community and his personal accounts of dealing with losing friends and loved ones.


Sez On The Beat

Born and raised in the city of Delhi, the Indian producer has experienced an explosive rise in the past couple of years - leading the country's hip-hop scene to the forefront of the flourishing independent music industry. Since a young age, Sez has been a disciple of hip-hop culture and has revolutionised the sounds we come to associate with Indian hip-hop.


DJ Uri

The brainchild of nights like 'Wobble' and 'Evolution: The History of Drum & Bass' DJ Uri has nurtured the Indian bass music scene, influencing the next generation and still managing to stay fresh in his music and in his approach. 20 years in the Indian scene and regular shows across Europe, this one man DJ machine just keeps dishing out a barrage of heavy weight bass, scratches, live sampling and finger drumming over a mind boggling array of Quality Music.



The Mumbai-based MC Tanmay Saxena, known popularly as Tienas or Bobby Boucher, is a breath of fresh air in the city’s hip-hop community – bringing to the forefront a Nujabes-inspired sonic aesthetic that hasn’t been seen before in a region dominated by ‘gully rap’. The name ‘Tienas’ is a wordplay on his initials “T n’ S,” much inspired by his idol and inspiration, Eminem who also used his initials “M n’ M” which stand for Marshall Mathers.



Swadesi consists of emcess producers DJs and graffiti artists// Mumbai based crew.


Seedhe Maut

Azadi Records' signee Seedhe Maut represent the next stage in the evolution of the capital’s hip-hop sound. Having mastered the art of delivering razor sharp, combative and witty rhymes, the bi-lingual duo are following in the trailblazing footsteps of international hip-hop collectives such as Run The Jewels, Clipse, Black Hippy, Mobb Deep, Blackstar and more.



With impressive flows in both English and Kannada, SIRI has a knack for manoeuvring through languages and meandering over beats. In a male dominated industry, SIRI is smashing the patriarchy by giving music to her voice and a voice to many voiceless. She is not limited in the least as an artist; In fact, she did everything from writing lyrics to styling, directing and producing in her official music video for her single “Live it.”



AHMER is a prolific rapper and producer from Srinagar, Kashmir. Since a young age, AHMER has been acutely aware of the violence that plagues that valley, and his lyrics reflect a self-critical and self-aware artist that is trying to make sense of one of the most complex issues of our time. By diving deep into his and his family’s history in the valley, AHMER manages to introduce to people to the complexities of the Kashmiri people and provides a more holistic view of their society.


So Fire

Sharan Jayan aka So Fire is one of India’s best undiscovered artists. Having worked in the Tollywood industry for a while, Sharan is ready to release his debut project titled Triangles, in collaboration with Rolex Rasathi and Boka, later this year. Featuring a range of artists that dabbled in styles ranging from hip-hop to classical composition, Triangles is a heady medley of all the sounds that Sharan has picked up in his career.



Rak is a bit of an outlier in the Tamil hip-hop scene – dabbling in the horrorcore and dubstep influenced sounds explored by the likes of Danny Brown, Death Grips and others. . A relatively unknown quantity in the Mumbai hip-hop scene, Rak promises to be the flagbearer of alternative Tamil rap for years to come.



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