Zen Zanan & Fadescha

Zen Zanan & Fadescha


25 April 2019


New Delhi


Venue: Delhi Rock

Zen Zanan

Music is our saviour, a cosmic tendril that connect us regardless of our physical or meta barriers. Zen Zanan is a DJ and producer who creates a journey which is a reflection of a desire to transcend the sonic realms of dark progressive vibrations and reminisce in the multiverse channeled through the deep dark sounds of psychedelia. She is a part of Coven Code - the New Delhi-based female collective of DJs, producers and other creatives in India's alternative music scene.


Coven Code member Vidisha is an artist and curator working across Arts & Cultural disciplines. Along with an extensive multimedia practice, she works with field recordings and found sound. She recently collaborated with Hyperbation (China) to create a VR Rave, 'Hyperbody IV: The Hyperrave of Queer Maximalism'.




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