Vachan Chinnappa & Madboy

Vachan Chinnappa & Madboy


26 April 2019


Summer House Cafe
New Delhi




As half of Madboy/Mink, and prior to that, as frontman for The Pulp Society, Imaad Shah’s career to date has spanned film, theatre, and of course, music. In in 2016, he began to explore a slightly different musical experiment under his solo project as Madboy, one that explores live sequencing, analog gear, his guitar, and lyrics sung in both Hindi and English.


Vachan Chinnappa

Vachan has been instrumental in nurturing the drum and bass scene in Bangalore. With a sustained effort and persevering spirit, Vachan has literally helped drum and bass 'arrive' in Bangalore at Bacchus (from 2008 to 2011). His repertoire is massive and the energy he creates on the dancefloor is certainly unparalleled.



Madboy Vachan Chinnappa KRUNK Summer House Cafe


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