Detroit Swindle & Sindhi Curry

Detroit Swindle & Sindhi Curry


5 April 2019


Kitty Su


Detroit Swindle

Dutch electronic duo of Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets, Detroit Swindle has musically explored a variety of genres from releasing early house-focused records like ‘The Wrap Up’ and ‘The Break Up’, to paying homage to afro-funk, disco and electronica in their sophomore album ‘High Life’ that sees them collaborate with the likes of Tom Misch and Seven Davis Jr. Their varied repertoire and list of collaborators is a testament to the duo’s diverse taste in music that they developed as avid collectors of records both old and new.

They also run their own label Heist Recordings which showcases their sonic view and provides a meeting place for like-minded artists.


Sindhi Curry

Sindhi Curry (formerly known as Pramod Sippy) has been a mainstay in the Indian music space for over a decade. Having co-founded Bombay Elektrik Project and The Hive, Pramod’s work in these organisations was crucial to promoting and elevating new talent.



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