Blackstratblues, Tajdar Junaid & Saba Azad

Blackstratblues, Tajdar Junaid & Saba Azad


16 January 2019


FLEA Bazaar Café



Tajdar Junaid

Tajdar Junaid's is atuned in a variety of instruments which situate him as a multi-instrumentalist with a varied taste in sound. His music fuses ethnic roots with contemporary bars and, is often played alongside his band.



Blackstratblues is a solo project of Warren Mendonsa, who is a guitarist, composer, producer and recording engineer. The current lineup is augmented by Jai Row Kavi (Indus Creed, Pangea) on drums, Adi Mistry (Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Amit Trivedi) on bass and Beven Fonseca (Clinton Cerejo, Amit Trivedi) on keys. Their music is predominantly instrument, consisting of a blend of blues, rock & 70's psychedelia with strong melodic and occasional electronic influences.


Saba Azad

Saba Azad is an Indian actress, theatre director and musician. She is one half of Mumbai-based electro funk duo Madboy/Mink.



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