Audio Units & Small Town Guy

Audio Units & Small Town Guy


21 September 2018


Summer House Cafe
New Delhi



Audio Units

Audio Units have a DJing style cascading between their various influences effortlessly, showcasing a complex musical style that is both edgy and futuristic incorporating samples and loops from other tracks, drum machines on the fly to create a vibe that speaks to the body and the mind. Their distinctive live act is a performance of their own tracks, improvised with effects, loops, sampled vocals adding a fresh vibe while maintaining its familiarity.


Small Town Guy

Small Town Guy - aka Shantanu Ghosh hails from the coastal town of Pondicherry. Known for his dancefloor selections which are not confined by genre, his sets are a hybrid between nu-disco and techno with slight world-music influences.



Audio Units Small Town Guy Summer House Cafe


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