Praveen Acahry

Praveen Acahry


9 June 2018


Sly Granny



Praveen Achary

Only a few in the country can be as effective through their musicality diversity and unpredictability and still be well recognized and respected. With a unique combination of deep, tech and progressive house, his style has always gained him a lot of appreciation by fellow artists and fans alike. 2013 saw the launch of his record label - Juicebox Music. Established with the idea of delivering high quality 'freshly packed' music, the label caters to a wide variety of enthusiasts in & around house music.


Greg Tomaz

Hailing from Kerala in India, Greg Tomaz’s flare for deep progressive & melodic techno urged him to churn out music that leave a definite and lasting impression. His production can rightly be described to be deep, dark, with a definite share of underground



Praveen Achary Greg Tomaz


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