Paper Queen, Anushka & Kayan

Paper Queen, Anushka & Kayan


8 August 2019


Khar Social



As a DJ, Kayan aka Ambika Nayak takes influence from the music she performs that makes an interesting mix of a lot of groove including genres like hip-hop , R&B, dance music and future bass. She has two ongoing projects: Kimochi Youkai and Nothing Anonymous.


Paper Queen

Mumbai based artist, Paper Queen is a unique blend of old and new school hip-hop, trap, future beats and bass music. Taking influences from artists such as Teeko, DJ Premier, Jon1st & Ivy Lab, her musical creations are hard hitting, boucy and engineered for the dance floor.

Mentored by the legendary DJ Uri, she has embraced the old school way of being a DJ and has the knack of being able to play the right track for the right occasion. Paper Queen emerged as one of India’s first female turntablist DJ, which ultimately got her noticed and signed up by KRUNK. Geared up for the seasons ahead, this girl comes fully prepared with quality music and DJ skills.



Anushka Menon is a beauty & fashion photographer, deeply rooted in the music scene. With a large appetite for experimental sounds, DJing is just the start of her musical adventure.



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