Hedrun, Yung.Raj, Fatboi x Sadboi & Shama Anwar

Hedrun, Yung.Raj, Fatboi x Sadboi & Shama Anwar


17 July 2019


Summer House Cafe
New Delhi


Fatboi x Sadboi

New Delhi-based duo.


Yung Raj

Yung Raj is a 22-year-old beatboxer and producer who has been performing at popular venues and festivals in the country since 2011. He has performed with both nationally and internationally acclaimed acts like Foreign Beggars, Shri, Karsh Kale, Niladri Kumar, Shiva Sound System, BOGL, Func, Stitch In Nine and was also an active member of popular acapella outfit – Voctronica until late 2017. He has now moved on to focus on his solo project and is scheduled to release his debut EP called Laced Loops in July 2018. His live setup involves improvisation using a loop station to blend beatboxing along with synth bass and keys


Shama Anwar

Shama Anwar is a British-born, Bangladeshi-raised DJ now living in London. Growing up listening to everything from grime to Bollywood, her sets naturally take the same course. Mixed genres have always been an influence within her life through her culture as well as her personal preference which is now reflected in her work.

Shama began throwing parties at the Ace Hotel in London in early 2013, from then went onto throwing parties all around London with the likes of Nick Hook, Eclair Fifi, Bok Bok and many more. These parties then extended throughout Europe and the states including Berlin, Paris & New York.



With an affinity for vernacular musical motifs and lush introspective ambiences, Hedrun is one of the few flags under which Mumbai resident Palash Kothari serves his brand of abstract yet tonally rich electronica. In 2017 Kothari co-founded Jwala, an 8 member collective of producers aiming to form a community within the Indian electronic music sphere and push out regular music out from largely unheard of talent.



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