AsymetriK, dotdat & A Birth Defect

AsymetriK, dotdat & A Birth Defect


9 March 2019


New Delhi



A Birth Defect

A Birth Defect is a techno, experimental project duo (Dale Chung and Lakshay Kapoor). Their inspiration comes from the belief in freedom of sound and expression.



dotdat is a manifestation of the musical philosophy and inspirations that drive the man behind it. A culmination of ambiguous, dark and hypnotic sounds with hints of minimalism that make the mind and body move.



Cinematic in vision, AsymetriK is a bold and experimental side-project by Arjun Vagale, a celebrated artist from the techno and electronic movement.

Free-diving into the concepts of abstraction and the general abuse of waveforms gives rise to an alternative ideology, where Vagale reimagines the abyss of space, dark yet luminous, a place of contradiction and duality. Intense, twisting, almost haunting, these evocative moodscapes are shot through with oblique waves of light, cascading to build a deeply atmospheric yet industrial production.



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