Spryk & EchoFloat

Spryk & EchoFloat


16 February 2019


Foxtrot - House of Subculture




Tejas Nair has been making music under the aegis of Spryk for just over the past three years. Post his training as a sound engineer, he has spent most of his time developing scores for video games, VR experiences, and apps; spatial audio, binaural sound, and more broadly speaking, the world of electronic music production is the context of his exploration. Having done a number of DJ sets over the years, this performance will mark his first live production set to a public.



EchoFloat is a project conceived by Jeff Nelson. The music he explores ranges from lush thoughtful soundscapes to intricate granular textures. Bass music has always been an underlying aspect of his sound palette. It's the foundation over which he explores his own productions and DJ sets that are reminiscent of organic and cyberpunk aesthetics in hopes to invoke a sense of space, form, interconnectivity and movement.



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