Peter Cat Recording Co, Monophonik, Jay Pei & More

Peter Cat Recording Co, Monophonik, Jay Pei & More


18 November 2018


Auro Kitchen & Bar
New Delhi




Monophonik is the solo project of Mumbai based electronic music producer Shatrunjai Dewan. Having formally trained in classical piano and studied audio engineering, he now combines skillset of the two, creating a reservoir of fresh sounding, uplifting electronic music, infused with melody, grove, and the rawness of analog synthesizers. He takes a unique approach in performing his music live, believing that electronic music, like any other pop/rock music, can be performed live, without having to playback pre-recorded audio. He is able to achieve this by re-creating sounds in real time with the help of a combination of analog modular synthesizers, which are used in his live show.


Peter Cat Recording Co.

Peter Cat Recording Co. are an anomaly in Delhi, let alone beyond. The music acts as a vehicle for crude romantic songs and poetry describing the life of the individual and society in this bleak and difficult period in history. The live ensemble consists of 4-5 members with various instruments including harmoniums , trumpets , guitars among others, constantly exchanging them as per the song’s requirements. Unexpected samples and announcements puncture the gaps between music which constantly oscillates between various moods and tempos.



The aim of Tansane is an inquiry, into the combination of characteristic spirits of musical cultures from different eras. The name Tansane was chosen to pay homage to one of the greatest Indian musicians of antiquity, Mian Tansen, who was one of the nine gems of Empreror Akbar's court.


Jay Pei

Jay Pei is a DJ/producer based in Delhi. His love for music began at the age of 19 and he has been producing music ever since. In the last 5 years, Jay has been successful in releasing his music on some notable international record labels such as Bullfinch Records, Haute Musique, Liztomania Records among others. In 2015, he released a track called Insignia which was supported by none other than the legendary Richie Hawtin himself.


Nigel Rajaratnam

Nigel is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Originally of Sri Lankan origin he has been a performing musician for nearly 10 years now and is brilliant on the piano, the saxophone, the guitar and the melodica.


Tre Ess

Tre Ess aka Sumit Singh Solanki is a producer and MC from Ranchi, Jharkhand



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