Mohna Singh

Dolorblind is the solo electronic music project of New Delhi-based music producer and visual artist Rohan Sinha, otherwise known as Dolo. Combining his disparate influences, from post-rock to hip-hop, Dolorblind's music lingers in the blank spaces between avant-garde hip-hop and dark, alienating soundscapes, with long aching melodies, surging, dramatic crescendos, and hectic drums that slam the mix into the red. Dolo is also a member of the music collective Jwala.


Wild City ‘Together’: Mentoring, Conversations, Skill-Sharing & Performances With Sandunes, BLOT!, Arjun Vagale & More

The coronavirus pandemic and the necessary global lockdown has brought many lives and industries to a standstill, while subjecting all of us to an economically uncertain future – the repercussions...

Watch: 'Llamas' By Burudu

Electronic duo Burudu have just dropped their most accessible offering till date, with the single ‘Llamas’. In anticipation of their upcoming EP ‘Speaking of Listening’, the recognisable...

World Music Day 2019: Our Pick Of Celebrations Across India

World Music Day started out in Paris on June 21, 1982 as Fête de la Musique to encourage musicians to perform in outdoor and public spaces for fun instead of payment. Now a global phenomenon with...

Listen: New Releases From Aeon Waves, Disco Puppet, Dolorblind & Sid Vashi

As April came to an end, amidst what panned out to be a busy time for releases, four gems took our notice, which may have slipped under your radar. You can hear them all below: ‘Surupa’ By Aeon...

Exclusive First Listen: 'Surface' By Jwala

Ever since they announced themselves as a collective and put out their first compilation in June last year, all of jwala's releases have had a particular quality – a downtempo, mellow sound that's...

Listen: ‘Dolores’ by Dolorblind

Dolorblind is a Delhi-based artist whose 4-track EP ‘Dolores’ is full of heavy-drums, ghostly synths and a distinct sense of calmness and composure. An EP that leans towards the ambient side of...



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