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Listen: ‘BossBattle Vol.1’ By Shoals

After releasing their debut EP, ‘Mad Turf’ earlier this year, Shoals have come through with a brand new mixtape ‘BossBattle Vol.1’. The 7-track project from the Delhi-based duo is a continuation of their previous work: delving into new territories, exploring live instruments with electronic production.

Clearly influenced by various genres, the mixtape tends to flow between a variety of styles. Psychedlic rock, electronica and hip-hop float into the project and blend seamlessly, taking you on a journey of genres. Though, at times, it does seem a bit jarring, the mixtape’s proclivity to lean towards hip-hop allows it have some kind of thematic purpose.

The EP still lacks that extra bit of gloss to make it outstanding, though. A few tracks needn’t be there but the project overall shows the duo’s growth in a short span of time.

You can listen to ‘BossBattle Vol.1’ below. Follow Shoals on Facebook and SoundCloud for more.

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25 October 2017