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British Council Launches Mix The City - Kolkata

British Council have just launched the 3rd Indian edition of Mix The City - an interactive music web-based app.

In Mix The City, the audience assumes the position of a creator and builds a complete soundtrack complete with audio and video for a chosen city. All the sounds are based on recorded samples from 12 popular musicians who are locals to that city.

The beauty of Mix The city is that users do not require any prior knowledge of music or rhythm to explore this platform. For most people, making music seems like a daunting task that they can’t fathom ever doing.

Strings, tablas, voices and electronic beats are all included to represent the diverse voices of Kolkata, including a full brass band.

Each edition so far has been produced and curated by a British music producer: Delhi’s edition was curated by Boxed In and Django Django took over the Mumbai edition. Switching things up Tel Aviv based Kutiman has just launched Kolkata whilst Anna Meredith will curate Chennai’s edition of Mix The City when it launches in January.

Across the world, there have been 10 editions for Mix The City starting with Tel Aviv in April of 2015. UK-based digital content partners Flying Object and Roll Studio have helped launch the project along with the British Council and Chennai-based production partner EarthSync India.

For more information about the project, go here. You can make your own mix using the samples provided on their website here.

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19 September 2017