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Call For Applications: Synthfarm

Synthfarm is India’s only summit for modular synthesis and electronic music production.

Set 45 km outside of Kolkata in serene tropical surroundings within a spacious green farm, the residency is a 3-day long series of workshops to demystify synthesis, unlock music production, understand the studio and share electronic music knowledge.

Every year, dozens of artists from all over the country congregate here to learn, collaborate and showcase emerging technology and talent. Made up of producers, DJs, musicians and DIY-obsessed producers, the 4th edition of Synthfarm brings together those wanting to expand their knowledge.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Synthfarm caters to all skill sets with the main aim to foster a social outlook towards sharing and caring about electronic music, the technology and culture.

In addition to 12 hours of workshops spread over 3 days, the food will be fresh from the produce on the farm and nightly music listening and open jam sessions. For registration fees and more information on Synthfarm, you can head here.

Synthfarm takes place 13-15 October 2017. You can head here to stay up-to-date with the event.

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08 September 2017