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Aardman Animations’ & British Council Are Inviting Individuals To Participate In Saptan Stories

Currently in its 4th week, Saptan Stories is a one-of-a-kind initiative launched by the British Council. Led by Oscar winners and pioneering UK studio, Aardman Animations, it’s an online storytelling project to unite seven celebrated artists with the public.

The aim of Saptan Stories is to crowdsource and generate a unique story formed of 7 sentences. Aardman Animations wrote the first sentence and then opened the floor for anyone around the world to submit the next one.

A panel of judges select the winning sentence which then gets added to the story while the runners up also get recognition. 7 celebrated artists from both India and the UK then interpret and illustrate each line of the crowdsourced tale.

The next submission closes in 3 days. To submit your own line and add to the story, you can go here.

Read the entire story so far on Saptan Stories and check out some of the illustrations below.

Visit Saptan Stories today and be a part of the story. Click here.

Week 1:
"I found it hard to get over my broken heart, I thought I never would. Then one night, by the moonlit river, something happened that changed everything.

Image credit: Adrita Das

Image credit: Priyesh Trivedi

Week 2:

"As the moonbeams danced to a heavenly beat upon the silvery water, I gazed to the stars and contemplated my future. It looked bleak on introspection, when out of the water arose an apparition."

Image credit: Gavin Strange

Image credit: Gemma Correll

Week 3:

"It was a woman, as translucent as fog and as ethereal as a dream. She smiled at me and whispered in a voice as soft as a dewdrop "Love once lost can be regained, but are you willing to pay the price?"

Image credit: Janine Shroff

image credit: Saloni Sinha

image credit: Tom Mead

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24 August 2017