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British Council of India Launches Saptan Stories

This week, the British Council of India launched Saptan Stories, a one-of-a-kind creative project led by Aardman animations. An online campaign to bring together seven celebrated artists and the public, the aim of it is to crowdsource and then generate a unique short story.

How it works: Public participants submit a line of a story that’s less than 200 characters. A panel of judges picks a line, adding it to the story before 7 artists from India and the UK illustrate each line of the story. The artists are Gemma Correll (UK), Tom Mead (UK), Aditra Das (India), Janine Shroff (India/ UK), Gavin Strange (UK), Saloni Sinha (India) and Priyesh Trivedi aka 'adarsh balak' (India).

The first line of the Saptan Stories was written by Oscar-winning storytellers from Aardman animations.

The campaign is being run over a period of 7 weeks with the next submission closing tomorrow on Saturday 5 August.

Go here to find out more about the event and to submit the next line of the story.


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03 August 2017