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Listen: ‘Totem’ By K/D/A

After re-emerging onto the scene as K/D/A, Aniket Vidyadhar has been consistently dropping good music. His latest release, ‘Totem’, is a delightful ode to footwork.

Though the 3-track EP doesn’t push the envelope, it’s stimulating to hear well-produced footwork coming out of India.

‘Home’ toes the line between footwork and juke, guaranteed to get you moving with its furious, hypnotic beat. The opening track ‘Totem’, though, is the stand-out tune on the EP with its asymmetrical kick-drum patterns and alien synths giving it charm as well as an edge.

Listen below to the EP and follow K/D/A on Facebook and SoundCloud to hear more from the artist.

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19 July 2017