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VMC: Wild City’s Latest Project Needs 90 Seconds Of Your Time

A multi-platform initiative, Wild City’s latest project, a virtual music conference, is targeted towards anyone within or associated with the music industry.

While most seminars, conferences and forums target those in an elite bracket, i.e those with money and time to attend them in Tier 1 Cities, Wild City is aiming to break that bubble.

With that in mind, we want to hear from you on what exactly you’d like out of this.

We’ve put together the simplest of surveys which takes less than three minutes. We promise that it’s quick and easy to complete. The aim is to collect data that will steer the direction that the content will take, ensuring that the program is relevant and intuitive.

Please take 90 seconds to complete this very simple survey and share it with your friends once you’re done.

Thank you very much!


Image credit: Joao Silas

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08 June 2017