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You Can Now Press Your Ashes Into A Vinyl

For those who love music and are looking to immortalise themselves, there’s now a simple solution: turn your ashes into a vinyl album. A service offered by UK company Andvinyl, their basic package will take your actual cremated ashes and press them into 30 discs. Each disc will have a total of 25 minutes of audio (12 minutes on each side)..

Apart from providing your ashes, you have to supply the sound beforehand from an original voice recording or request them to use your favourite songs. The vinyl will come with standard artwork, labels that include your name, date of birth, date of death and the knowledge that your loved ones can listen to you or your music whenever they want.

Granted, it does sound a little bit odd and creepy but that’s what makes it intriguing. Check out Andvinyl’s website for further details.

Image credit: antiSOCIAL

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17 February 2017