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NASSCOM Virtual Reality Workshop 2017

NASSCOM gaming forum is putting on an event in Bangalore between 20-25 February 2017 called Virtual Reality Storytellers Guild. The five-day event put together by the interdisciplinary consultancy Quicksand and UK-based production company Crossover aims to forge new, creative relationships between a motley crew of participants who come from a diverse range of disciplines.

NASSCOM aims to bring together scriptwriters, filmmakers, concept artists, 3D artists, game developers, sound designers and technologists in order to ignite homegrown Virtual Reality projects.

Set to take place in Bangalore at the NASSCOM Warehouse, the event will play home to residential mentors like Mark Atkin [XO Labs]; Tom Millen [XO Labs]; Phil Harper [IMRGE] and visiting mentors working alongside participants.

The guild will curate and pre-select a group of participants based on a call to applications. Those interested must have 5-7 years of experience and with moderate to high levels of success already with their existing work.

For more details, check out their website here. To apply, fill out this form.

Image credits: Aastha Johri

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09 February 2017