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Wild City 057: Nucleya

Nucleya entered the scene as half of Bandish Projekt, along with friend and long-time collaborator Mayur Narvekar, while still in eleventh standard. “There wasn’t a huge audience,” he says. “I was in Ahmedabad. I’m talking, mid-nineties, late nineties. So at that time, we were just making music and giving it out to our friends (...) We could go into a store and buy CDs, and the only CDs we could buy was some trance stuff, and because of...
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09 May 2013

Wild City 056: Phon.o

Over the last few weeks, we've frantically tried to find new venues for the imminent Phon.o dates heading our way this weekend. Frankly, we've been so caught up, we almost forget about this exclusive mix on hand. And now that's we've found new venues, we just need to let slip at how bloody good these two shows are going to be. In a-first-of-its-kind in India, we're co-hosting the tour with 50 Weapons, a prolific and pioneering Berlin based label run...
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24 April 2013

Wild City 055: Sid Vashi

Sid Vashi is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Detroit, Boston, and more recently Gurgaon, India. A man who enjoys listening to R.D Burman and J Dilla simultaneously and often refers to himself in the third person. With a deep love for sample based music, he tries to incorporate these ideas to his unique brand of electronic music, by using and manipulating samples "until they take on a personality and voice of their own." We picked up on this...
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18 April 2013

Wild City 054: Sachin Shetty

Sachin Shetty is an electronic music producer based in Bombay, currently working on 2 very different projects with 2 very different moods. His first is under the Antariksh moniker. Something he likes to call a space ambient project. More interestingly, at least for us is his other project titled, Clusters. A sound in which he tries to explore the width and breath of techno. Currently working on an EP due out this spring, Clusters excites us. A lot. Arguably,...
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04 April 2013

Wild City 053: Reso

London based producer and DJ, Reso a.k.a Alex Melia is a man with a fascination for all things robotic and futuristic. His hybrid of hyper beats and tech-basslines sometimes feel more suited to a post-apocalyptic Tokyo than the contemporary concrete of most dubstep and we dig it. "A truly inspiring experience his music’s mech-mania induced synthesesia conjures images of neon-tinged neo-Japanese cityscapes, powerful hulking automatons and violent...
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26 March 2013

Wild City 052: Pete Herbert

One time owner of the praiseworthy Atlas Records shop in Soho, London, now over a decade ago, Pete Herbert spends the majority of his time tirelessly producing in the studio on his various musical projects. When not in the studio he can be found regularly destroying dancefloors behind the decks at clubs such as The Nest, Fabric, Ministry Of Sound and other major parties/clubs in his hometown of London, including a annual slot at the Sancho Panza Stage...
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20 March 2013

Wild City 051: Ez Riser

This one's been a long time coming. As one half of Bay Beat Collective (BBC), Sohail Arora has been pushing low end sounds for over 4 years. His solo project Ez Riser aims to showcase newer forms of exactly that, yet with particular focus on glitch-hop and electronica (with a touch of hip-hop). A self confessed music geek and influenced by artists such as Koan Sound, Spoonbill, Opiuo and Griz (all currently destroying dancefloor's across the world),...
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14 March 2013

Wild City 050: Gaurav Malaker

Wild City #050 (yes, it is a landmark) comes from Gaurav Malaker, a producer best known as one half of India's leading multidisciplinary audio/visual collective, BLOT!. A producer/DJ/performer and engineer who's been a part of the national club landscape since 2007, Malaker is also a co-runner of Qilla Records alongside Kohra. Not to forget his role as one of the festival director's at UnBox. Talking strictly about music - his recently released debut...
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04 March 2013

Wild City 049: Algorhythm

"A potpourri of fresh, eclectic, syncopated beats peppered with some funk. That’s what you can expect from Bombay’s resident next-door DJs Paloma and Varun." Mumbai based Paloma Monnappa and Varun Patra are two young DJs unafraid to push the ever extending boundaries of Indian clubland. Their live sets, confirm this enthusiastic and finely crafted union, in which it seems obvious that the two artists naturally complement each others ideas. From...
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18 February 2013

Wild City 048: Reggae Rajahs (4 Year Anniversary Mix)

Reggae Rajahs are India's first and foremost reggae sound system. That much you should know. For the past 4 years they have been steadily building a loyal and dedicated fanbase across the country, exclusively pushing genres such as reggae, dancehall, dub, ska and rocksteady. This week they will be celebrating 4 years with a self programmed, curated and promoted tour in association with The Polish Institute. As has become a tradition over the years,...
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04 February 2013

Wild City 047: London Elektricty

"For those that know him and those that don’t, Tony Colman a.k.a London Elektricity cuts a formidable figure." Having been involved in the UK's drum and bass scene right from the mid-90s, the co-founder of acclaimed drum and bass label Hospital Records has been instrumental in the development of the genre as we've come to know it today. Responsible for some of Hospital’s drum and bass anthems, Colman has developed a reputation as both a producer...
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28 January 2013

Wild City 046: blueOrb

Praketh Sunder a.k.a blueOrb is a DJ and producer from New Delhi, India. A label DJ for Audio Aashram (IN) and Bassweight Recordings (NZ) he has so far compiled 2 chillout EP's titled "Shanti Broadcast Vol 1 and 2" for Audio Aashram whilst continuously throughout the years working on his own production which he plans to unleash on to unassuming ears this year. Currently the programming head for Radio 79, India newest underground and genre defying...
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11 January 2013

Wild City 045: SICKFLIP

Sickflip is the new solo project from Mumbai based DJ and producer Sarvesh Shrivastava, also a member of bass music collective Mental Martians. We picked up on this young producer as he released his debut EP in collaboration with Rohaan Talsania, otherwise known as RT (on guitar). A healthy introduction to a new generation of Indian bass music producers, it sucessfully combined the warm, melodic and soulful guitar work of RT with Shrivastava’s futuristic...
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11 December 2012

Wild City 044 - Alien Panda Jury

We just can't stop ourselves. We're slipping deeper and deeper into the Pakistani underground and are only emerging with raw, sharp and just brilliant electronica. Alongside our compadres Border Movement, we've talked enough about the growing scene across the border, with the likes of Forever South. One of the artists on their roster is Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey a.k.a Alien Panda Jury (more on him here). A musician who's been at the forefront of Karachi's...
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11 December 2012

Wild City 043: Bandish Projekt

Originally formed in 1997 by Mayur Narvekar, Udyan Sagar (better known as Nucleya) and Mehirr Nath Choppra, Bandish Projekt is an act that successfully blends Indian folk elements with cutting edge electronica. Although no longer a 3-piece, Bandish Projekt still strives to push forward thinking Indian sounds via its one founding member Mayur Narvekar, a Mumbai based composer, producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist. This Friday (November 23) Narvekar...
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21 November 2012

Wild City 042: Dynoman

Dynoman a.k.a Haamid Rahim is a producer and DJ from Karachi, Pakistan who uses a wide variety of electronic synthesis, multiple sound layers, and eclectic beats to bring forth his unique take on fusion electronica (don't be fooled by the word 'fusion'). One part of the force behind Forever South, one of the city's (if not country's) leading electronic music collectives, alongside Bilal Nasir Khan (also a producer under the 'Rudoh' moniker), Rahim...
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12 November 2012

Wild City 041: CEE (NH7 Promo Mix)

Since the early 90s, CEE, formerly of Al-Haca Soundsystem has been developing roots within underground subcultures across Europe. As a frontrunner and seminal contributor to Berlin and Vienna's underground club circuits alongside partners in crime Stereotyp, Jahcoozi (playing a party with us in Delhi on Nov 9. Info here) and RQM plus institutions such as Vice Magazine, Ableton and RBMA, CEE seeks expansion into new ground and territory by planting...
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01 November 2012

Wild City 040: Su-Real (Halloween Mix)

What more is there to say about Delhi homeboy, producer and DJ, Su-Real. As a longtime resident at TLR, he co-founded Disco 31, the venue's longest running Saturday night party giving Delhiites a home for fresh, innovative and welcoming vibes. As the current full time promoter at the venue, he has most importantly created a space that has become home for party kids across the capital. That's not all. As a contributor to Imported Goods, Su-Real has...
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30 October 2012

Wild City 039: BDK (BASSFoundation)

BDK otherwise known as Big Daddy Klein is a founding member and resident DJ of BASSFoundation, New Delhi’s very first regular drum and bass, dubstep and reggae clubnight. Having discovered dance music in the early 90s after purchasing his first batch of new beat/acid house cassettes, Klein, like most electronic music heads of that era eventually moved on to breakbeat, the backbone to bass music today. Moving on to drum and bass seemed like a natural...
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23 October 2012

Wild City 038: Mental Martians

The Mumbai based collective known as Mental Martians is made up of Piyush Bhatnagar aka Sound Avtar, Sarvesh Shrivastava and Tarang Singhal, 3 young producers with a taste for various forms of bass music. Influenced by artists such as Noisia, Spor, Doctor P, Skrillex and Rusko, their sound is a heady journey incorporating both UK underground and Asian underground sensibilities. We've been wanting to tie these boys down for a mix, for as long as we...
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08 October 2012

Wild City 037: Sandunes

The mesmerising Sandunes is a Mumbai based producer and live act like no other. Having made her first forays into the world of live music playing keys for bands such as Something Relevant and Resonance, she got a taste for the stage very early on. With an ever present fear of Bollywood sessions as a money making prospect for the future, she drove herself to studying music production in London, hoping to take things to the 'next level'. On her return,...
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24 September 2012

Wild City 036: Frame/Frame

We've now been talking about this Delhi based producer for months. Whether it be as part of his 4-piece band, Switch Bitch or the solo Frame/Frame moniker, Nikhil Kaul strives to consistently push his production limits. Full of organic tinkering, lush instrumentation and delicate atmospherics, his tracks combine influences from various genres that include synth-driven tech, sample-laden post dubstep and straight up IDM. A full time musician, Kaul...
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17 September 2012

Wild City 035: ApurvA

Apurva Chavda a.k.a ApurvA is a Mumbai based drum and bass producer/DJ. To date, he has released two original tracks. His very first release, Home was part of the "Nomads In Sound. 03" compilation on Meerkat Recordings. His other was a collaboration with Nuphlo, alongside Osmani Soundz and Ges-e. Both tracks were released earlier this year by the same Swedish label (Meerkat). His first forays into the world of music production actually came from a...
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28 August 2012

Wild City 034: Ash Roy

Ash Roy is one of the founding members of one of India's most prolific electronic dance music acts, Jalebee Cartel. For over a decade he's been the vocalist and provider of all percussion based elements to Cartel's live shows whilst steadily building a catalogue of original production which he's released over the years. Based in Berlin with his bandmates every summer, Ash considers himself to have an equal footing on both sides of the globe. While...
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14 August 2012

Wild City 033: KloÈ

When first delving into the world of production after mastering the art of turntabalism, Kloé's search for a deep and emotive take on neurofunk established her as one of the most innovative producers within the genre. Now one of the key players behind the newly formed genre named neurohop, she's become an influential figure in helping to develop and define its progression, through her label Caliber Music. One of the leading producers supporting the...
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23 July 2012

Wild City 032: Distal

Distal is a veteran of electronic music. Forgetting bpm and genre to the masses, he relies on his signature sound alone to leave a solid mark on his listeners. With the ability to compose a wide array of moods, tempos and rhythms, the 28 year old producer takes influence from his early childhood love of techno, jungle and hardcore. In early 2010 Distal started his own label named Embassy Recordings with childhood friend Ethan Anderson and till date...
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23 July 2012

Wild City 031: Nitin Garg

Nitin Garg is a Delhi based designer and graphic artist who in his free time creates as he describes it, 'organic ambient soundscapes'. Influenced by artists such as Brian Eno, Hammock, Keith Kennif, Sigur Rós, Stars Of The Lid and other ambient and post-rock projects he creates a joyful experimentation of space, time and imagery in music that he started to create simply with field recordings, a laptop and a couple of keyboards. "Most of the time...
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09 July 2012

Wild City 030: Apocalypse Meow

"A·poc·a·lypse: n. A prophetic disclosure; a revelation." At first Apocalypse Meow may come across as just another guitar-based band. In fact, they're pretty much the opposite. Combining echoing atmospheric accompaniments with electronic beats their sound is something quite unique and continues to evolve throughout their production. A brand new electronic music project, Apocalypse Meow is the collaboration of a video game designer and a singer/songwriter....
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25 June 2012

Wild City 029: Slow Down Clown

Slow Down Clown is a Mumbai based 4-piece act that fuses various forms of alternative rock, folk and punk into a sometimes uncategorisable category. It began as a solo project, formed by singer/songwriter Vitek ‘Tek’ Goyel in Upstate New York in 2001. Upon his return to Mumbai, Tek teamed up with producer and guitarist Anurag Shanker, to translate his bedroom enterprise into a full band experience together with bassist Wilson Kenneth and drummer...
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18 June 2012

Wild City 028: Jatin Puri

Jatin Puri burst onto the Indian live music circuit less than a year ago, quickly gaining a countrywide reputation for his original and innovative take on varied forms of electronica. Influenced by trip-hop, breakbeat, hip-hop, bass and even pop, Puri’s eclectic sound defies easy classification. His catchy and thoughtful tracks are all self-produced, composed, performed and sung. Within his short career, he has released two albums (read our review...
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31 May 2012

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