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Wild City #137: Disco Puppet

Shoumik Biswas aka Disco Puppet is known for his distinctive sound. Play his latest EP, ‘Spring’, anywhere and listeners privy to the Consolidate member’s sound will instantly recognise it as his. Disco Puppet’s experimental, leftfield electronica features soundscapes and varied sampled recordings. The electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist has a tendency to suck you right in with his unique brand of electronica, the kind that’s rare...
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27 July 2017

Wild City #136: thruoutin

American-born, Beijing-based artist thruoutin has a sound that is instantly recognisable. With work varying from project to project, thruoutin’s singular take on electronic music focuses on organic, lush noise. The electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist has been based in China since 2009 and has toured a multitude of countries in Asia as well as various cities in the US and Canada - featuring on several Chinese and international labels....
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30 June 2017

Wild City #135: MALFNKTION

MALFNKTION a.k.a Aditya Alamuru has managed to carve himself a distinctive path within the Indian alternative music space. Over the last 3 years, he has quietly been producing a blend of electronica, hip-hop and traditional Indian sounds recorded during his travels across the country. Since releasing two albums back in 2015 (‘I Killed Ramji’ and ‘Hindustani Rascal’) which immediately caught the ears of many from the industry, he has now gone...
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14 June 2017

Wild City #134: Eng.

Having only been DJ’ing for a few years Kunal Lodhia a.k.a Eng. has quickly become known for his versatility as a DJ. Known for being able to play a diverse range of genres, his sets are recognised for their ability to surprise audiences while keeping them engaged and on the floor. A member of Mumbai-based design collective WeThePpl, Eng. is also the man behind what is now probably one of the city’s most iconic parties Grime Riot Disco as well...
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31 May 2017

Wild City #133: sparkle & fade

Releasing music consistently for around a year now, the strength of sparkle & fade’s latest EP, ‘20’ took us by surprise. Running for just under 40 minutes his mix is the perfect companion to grey skies, reminiscent of lost lovers and perfect for dreary mornings and lonely nights. There might just be a number of tracks that you’ll be introduced to through this mix; the more known ones are Giraffage’s ‘Make You Love Me’ and Charle...
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18 May 2017

Wild City #132: Kavya Trehan

Kavya Trehan is a restless multi-talented creative. She has dabbled as a singer-songwriter, a model, one-half of indie pop duo Mosko and dipped her toes in TV commercials, movies and theatre. Doing a mix for Wild City seemed inevitable and considering it was her first ever time making a mix, she’s managed to expertly put together a bevy of beautiful tracks. A downtempo and relaxing selection of tunes from ‘I shall not complain’ by English band...
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04 May 2017

Wild City #131: Bjørn Torske

Bjorn Torske is undoubtedly one of the most influential DJs and producers from Norway who has had a significant hand in shaping the country’s electronic music scene. The renowned creative started his career at a local radio station in 1987, following which he’s had a number of successful tours around the world, as well as his debut on Boiler Room. With his impending arrival to India, we got in touch for a mix. The hour-long mix from Torske is...
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18 April 2017

Wild City #130: Monophonik

Monophonik’s sound is fresh, uplifting and lively. The solo project of Mumbai-based producer Shatrunjai Dewan, Monophonik takes an experimental approach to making music. Having studied audio engineering and trained in classical piano, Monophonik believes that electronic music can be performed live without having to playback pre-recorded audio. Curious to see what he could cook up, Monophonik dropped us a live 30-minute mix. From start to finish,...
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12 April 2017

Wild City #129: DJ Cheeba

Hailed as one of the most progressive audio visual artists today, DJ Cheeba is revered for his distinctive style. Recognised for his turntable and video manipulation, Cheeba is more than just a DJ; rather an audiovisual artist known for the broadest beats and the deepest video vaults. With his trademark polished blend of classic breaks, hip-hop, electronica, rock, D&B, and everything in between. Cheeba’s copy-paste style is unparalleled. In...
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29 March 2017

Wild City #128: Monica Dogra

Monica Dogra is a multi-faceted artist who is, at once, a singer, spoken-word artist, performer, dancer, actor, writer and now most recently a DJ. She first rose to fame as the founder and front-lady of Shaa’ir + Func, one of India’s most popular independent bands. With the duo, she performed at a multitude of clubs and festivals around the world and most recently also released her solo record ‘Spit’. Adding to her creative repertoire - she...
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15 March 2017

Wild City #127: N*hilate

N*hilate has a keen ear for rhythm. One of the country's most diverse DJs - he can effortlessly switch between styles based on the mood of a crowd. From indie and nu disco to deep house and funk, N*hilate always keeps the bevvy of dancing bodies entertained. #127 feels like a classic. A mix that cuts through tracks that a lot of us grew up with, some that we may have even discarded in our angsty teenage years. Tunes like ‘Dance Floor’ by Taste...
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09 March 2017

Wild City #126: Jivraj Singh

Jivraj Singh has been a staple member of the Indian music scene for a while. Having dabbled in a variety of projects, first with Skinny Alley, then its alter-ego PINKNOISE, Jivraj also joined forces with Sandunes on the renowned Perfectiming project and then had a fierce collab with Amyt Datta, it’s with Parekh & Singh that Jivraj is gaining the recognition he deserves - let's not forget that he was also selected to be a Red Bull Music Academy...
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23 February 2017

Wild City #125: Kaleekarma

Harshita Kalee, a.k.a Kaleekarma, first cut her teeth DJ’ing on the club circuit in Mumbai for a few years. During this inception period, she slowly started to gain prominence with her sets of deep house, electronica and 'ethno' techno. It’s a blend that’s over time become her signature style and replicated on her Wild City Mix. It’s both a strange and alluring trip through her tastes and a fantastic example of how to move people through unconventional...
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08 February 2017

Wild City #124: Gilles Peterson (Part 2)

Following Part 1, which we released earlier this week, we're thrilled to put out the 2nd part of Gilles Petersons's Wild City mix, and just like the first one, it exceeds expectations. On this forty-minute gem, he, again, draws from his array of records to flit effortlessly from tracks such as Joe Harriot and Amancio D’Silva' ‘Hum’, through to Dono Los Dourados’ ‘Jaipur’. Moving away from the relaxed sub-continental sensibilities of the...
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18 January 2017

Wild City #123: Gilles Peterson (Part 1)

DJ, broadcaster, producer and owner of Brownswood Recordings, Gilles Peterson rarely needs an introduction. His weekly Saturday afternoon radio show on BBC 6 Music brings in two million listeners globally. He’s had the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus and Jamie xx as guests and contributes to radio stations from Austria to Australia, Ukraine to Japan. Drawing from the depths of his collection, Wild City #123 is a beautifully strung collection...
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24 January 2017

Wild City #122: Bill Brewster

Mix #122 by Bill Brewster is warm, lively and effortlessly constructed. He’s been DJing since the late 80s and has played everywhere from Fabric to more intimate venues around the world, equipped with a range of music that covers everything from disco, house and funk to hip-hop, Brazilian bossa nova and Latin batucadas. Bill is also frontman and founder of his own deep house record label – Forensic. Apart from being a versatile selector, Bill...
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12 January 2017

Wild City #121: Burudu

Mumbai duo Burudu, made up of Nakul Sharma and Sahil Bhatia, keep it warm and easygoing for mix #121, exclusively for Wild City. Formed in early 2012, Burudu began without the intention of creating anything specific. Its founders simply wanted to experiment and play around with sound, and the outfit they’ve formed together today reflects that organic evolution and understanding of the others’ musical sensibilities. With an album coming soon and...
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16 December 2016

Wild City #120: Daisuke Tanabe

Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe strings together a gentle, wintery medley of tunes for mix #120 before his India tour and performance at Magnetic Fields 2016. Chiba born Daisuke Tanabe is an RBMA graduate known for his atmospheric production layered with delicate, often Japanese inspired melodies. The former art student has also lived and worked in London, but currently lives in Tokyo where his studio is based. He recently announced an India tour...
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06 December 2016

Wild City #119: Nene Hatun

Turkish born German resident Nene Hatun, delivers an intense and darkly beautiful selection of tracks for mix #119. Classically trained musician and producer Beste Aydin is currently in India as part of Border Movement’s tailor-made BMR residency program. Born in Istanbul, raised in Turkey and currently residing in Berlin, Beste’s background is as varied as her music. The artist spent 7 years studying piano and composition in Stuttgart before...
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23 November 2016

Wild City #118: Ikonika

Hyperdub whiz Ikonika goes all in for mix #118 for Wild City in anticipation of her Asia tour. Sara Abdel-Hamid has been at the forefront of contemporary music worldwide ever since the release of her 2008 debut 12", 'Please/Simulacrum' via Kode9’s revered label Hyperdub. Like a lot of young producers making music in the mid and late 2000s, she was influenced by the dubstep and grime movements that were steadily taking over the UK at the time. It...
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16 November 2016

Wild City #117: Hybrid Protokol

Hybrid Protokol pay their respect to analogue and old-skool breakbeat Wild City’s mix #117. Kolkata duo Soumajit Ghosh and Aneesh Basu began their electronic project Hybrid Protokol about a year ago, and quickly began to make a dent in the scene with their analogue heavy approach to sound and unique live performances, that focus on synthesisers and hardware (you should seriously check out some of their live videos here). With a common passion for...
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10 November 2016

Wild City #116: Bruno Belissimo

You can’t help but move to Italian-Canadian DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Bruno Belissimo’s disco heavy Mix #116… Part of a family of Italian immigrants who landed in Canada in the 70s, Bruno Belissimo spent most of his childhood in the suburbs of Toronto, where his father owned a movie rental business (also making his own sci-fi experimental films and playing as a guitarist in Canadian fusion band Ummo) and his mother ran a small café. The...
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12 October 2016

Wild City #115: Paraphoniks

For Mix #115, Mumbai based live analogue-duo Paraphoniks sent us an upbeat selection of current influences and old favourites, tied in with some forward thinking original production from their most recent release – Yarns. Comprised of Shatrunjai Dewan and Sid Shirodkar, Paraphoniks has been on our radar since the released of their debut album ‘Handwired’, which we featured in our Dropbox Talent section. The outfit has gone from strength to strength...
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05 October 2016

Wild City #114: French Toast

Mix #114 from French Toast a.k.a. Frank McWeeny is an upbeat jumble of infectious disco and house that’s tailored to kick up a storm on the dancefloor. The ace selector has been behind the booth spinning records and as a radio presenter (his French hometown, Rennes during his teenage years before spreading out to the UK) ever since he was old enough to get into a studio. The half-English, half-French DJ and producer’s musical sensibilities and...
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22 September 2016

Wild City #113: Tarqeeb

Ashish Jose, better known by his alias Tarqeeb, represents the Motherland with an energetic mix that showcases some of the best dance music India has to offer right now. Tarqeeb began his journey in electronic music in 2012 after stints in metal and psy-trance. The producer focuses largely on DnB and other offshoots of bass music, though he prefers not to confine his sound by labels. Jose also extends his creativity to the art space on Instagram –...
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18 August 2016

Wild City #112: Cosmic Attic

Sharath Narayan a.k.a. Cosmic Attic keeps it current on Mix #112 with a bright, forward-thinking range of RnB, electronica and hip-hop. The first time we saw Sharath Narayan was in Chennai with his alt-rock band, and only project at the time - Black Letters. Since then, he’s launched his solo venture Cosmic Attic with an impressive debut EP, titled ‘Climb’ (reviewed here) and live performances acorss the country. The 24 year old producer/DJ...
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04 August 2016

Wild City #111: Chhabb

Mix #111 by Mumbai based Chhabb a.k.a Rahul Chhabria is a journey through rich, melodic deep house and techno that’s been tailored for the dance floor. The DJ and producer has been has played alongside the likes of Finnebassene, German Brigante, A guy called Gerald and Popof in the past and we thought it was about time that he sent us over some new tunes to listen to. Chhabb’s music is influenced mainly by house, acid and techno. He's an old-school...
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30 June 2016

Wild City #110: Ramsha

Toronto based Pakistani musician Ramsha Shakeel’s mix for Wild City features an evocative range of ambient, neoclassical and drone tailored to melt away the bustle of daily life. Ramsha has been on our radar ever since the release of her beautiful 2015 debut EP ‘Daastanemarg’, which we strongly recommend you listen to here. Summer time that year also saw the producer take part in a two week long music residency in Karachi called Soundcamp, which...
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07 June 2016

Wild City #109: Audio Units

Bangalore based duo Audio Units showcases a more downtempo, laid back-side to their aesthetic in Wild City Mix #109. Brothers Ashwin Baburao and Ashrith Baburao have been making music together as Audio Units since the early 90s. Ashwin had already established himself as a selector by 2000, playing at large festivals and venues across the country, while Ashrith dived into the self-described ‘geekier’, more technological side of things. Audio Units’...
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11 May 2016

Wild City #108: Ro.

Cotton Press Studio co-founder and one half of Nicholson, Rohan Ramanna – a.k.a. Ro., delivers a soulful selection of smooth R&B, hip-hop and electronica for mix #108. The Mumbai based recording engineer, drummer and music producer is probably best known for his staggeringly beautiful music as one half of Nicholson. Most of Ramanna’s time, however, is spent helping other people make music at Cotton Press Studios, which he founded with the...
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27 April 2016