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In Conversation With HVOB (Her Voice Over Boys)

A number of you will remember that earlier this year, Delhi and Bangalore were graced by Austrian duo (trio when they perform live) HVOB, an acronym for Her Voice Over Boys, brought in with support from the Austrian Cultural Forum. It's not an exaggeration to say that their show was one of the most magical live experiences we’ve witnessed in a very long time. Swaying to their intensely deep and emotive sound, the audience were even at times singing...
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05 May 2015

6LA8 (Part 1): An Attempt To Condense And Convey

“Society is nothing but a long established change. And, any massive change can become socially relevant. Art (in a broader spectrum) has that potential to inspire, ignite and accelerate any massive changes, just as long as there is a ‘realised’ connection to it. We believe art is a great catalyst in humanity’s search for meaning in general. But a catalyst works only if it is placed in the desired environment with the necessary ingredients,”...
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30 April 2015

Digital's Top 5 Tracks

Despite having one of the most regrettably un-googlable monikers we’ve come across yet (try searching ‘digital music’ and see for yourself), Steve Carr a.k.a Digital has been successfully producing drum 'n' bass beats for the better part of 15 years. Today, he's recognised as being one of the genres pioneering figures, still heavily cited as one of the most forward thinking producers in the game. The Ipswich native’s education in sound began...
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28 April 2015

In Profile: Worms Cottage

In November last year, Machli (one of our favourite new indie electronic acts) sent Wild City a mix which featured some of their favourite tunes. Within it was a song called ‘Dysfunctional Therapy’ – a strange song by someone, er, lets say interestingly called Worms’ Cottage. Names aside (it’s growing on us) Worms’ Cottage a.k.a. Rishabh Iyer had us hooked, completely, after the first couple of listens. We included him in our ‘Dropbox...
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23 April 2015

Being Analogue In A Digital World

In the 21st century, electronic music and the technology that comes with it has advanced in leaps and bounds. The advent of various commercially available digital audio workstations (DAWs), software synths, emulators and other virtual studio technologies (VSTs) have now transformed the way music is made. Bringing the capabilities of music production right down to the producer’s bedroom has made it affordable and accessible to the normal (curious)...
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13 April 2015

How To Run A Club Night In India

The first easy step, really, is making that decision. You’ve decided to start your own club night. It’s a brave move – creating a successful event property with the capability to draw in crowds time and again isn’t easy in a country where club culture is still in its infancy, there’s limited assemblages for non ‘EDM’ music and only a handful of venues check even some of the required boxes. Coming from an attendee based in a larger, metropolitan...
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08 April 2015

5 Minutes With: Warren D'Souza

This interview has been a while coming. We’ve profiled a number of people essential to the industry in the past, from more obvious musicians and label owners to promoters, venues, and festival coordinators. That roster, however, felt a little incomplete without Warren D’Souza - founder of SOUND.COM, Gearhouse Sessions, and an unabashed audiophile. As a music focused organization, pretty much everything eventually boils down to one thing - sound....
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24 March 2015

Pakistan - Through The Eyes Of TMPST

The alternative cultural space in South Asia is tiny, fragmented and limited to only a couple of metropolitan cities in an area that otherwise boasts districts larger than most European countries, and a population that seems to be multiplying faster than proverbial rabbits. That fact isn’t exactly surprising - electronic music has so far only infiltrated a particular class and strata of society. Technology forms its basis, and not everyone here...
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17 March 2015


Radio Broadcaster and DJ IAMRISHA hosts a bi-monthly show on Delhi-based online station Radio 79. It's called 'A Worldwide Thing' and showcases global underground sounds that range from soul and funk through to tropical bass. Every month she'll bring us a recap of the show's freshest sounds and styles - exclusively for Wild City. 'Excerpts' is the latest release from the elusive producer John T Gast on Planet Mu. He's previously worked with Hype Williams,...
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16 March 2015

In Conversation With: Pippin

Not a lot of people outside Delhi know the name behind producer Pippin (Pip), despite his debut EP ‘1010’ creating ripples within the scene after it released early last year. Pippin is Jatin Puri, for those curious. ‘1010’ was certainly amongst the better debuts of 2014. Influenced heavily by instrumental hip-hop and dubstep (the ‘post’ prefix was an intentional exclusion), ‘1010’ was an intensely introspective, fluid and melodic slow...
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05 March 2015

Interview: Hang Massive

The Vasundhara festival of environmental arts had us gripped the moment we heard about it. Set to take place from 5-8 March on the sandy beaches of North Goa, the event brings together environmental awareness with music, film and performing arts, ultimately aiming to inspire the global community on healing the states ecology, particularly the once pristine and naturally rich section of Indian coastline. The team at Vasundhara are spreading their word...
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25 February 2015

In Conversation With: Icicle

Last years line up at VH1 Supersonic was a good few steps up ahead of the the largely mainstream electronic music that’s been coming into the country (well, mostly Goa) over the last few years. This year saw more alternative titans such as Maya Jane Coles, Carl Craig, Rockwell and Goldie make their way down to India’s party capital. Among them was Holland born, London native Icicle – a producer who’s been churning out forward thinking D&B,...
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16 February 2015

Still Diggin': Nick Dwyer’s Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re thrilled about Kode9’s visit to India. If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that he will be joined by RBMA co-conspirator - Nick Dwyer; an overall sonic savant and one of the most interesting human beings to pop up on our radar. Really. Search his name and the most recent thing you’ll find is ‘Diggin’ In The Carts’ – an award winning documentary series that Dwyer co-created for Red...
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09 February 2015

The Many Faces Of Hyperdub Boss Kode9

We’re not quite sure how he does it. The man otherwise known as Kode9 juggles being a producer, DJ, record label owner and a full blown academic at the same time. He’s an enormously intelligent man (almost distractingly so) and while we’re entirely aware of how often the word gets unthinkingly thrown about – Kode9 is among the handful of true pioneers in the vast world of electronic music. You may have heard about this already, but after performances...
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04 February 2015

Wild City’s Most Anticipated Releases Of 2015

A new musical year has commenced and with it come the requisite lists, many of which you have undoubtedly seen floating around the Internet. To make things clear, we’re not here to talk about the most popular acts (we wrote about that extensively here) or even, necessarily, our favourites. Case in point - Lifafa’s ‘In Hi Ko’ EP was one of my favourite releases last year, however, when I got in touch with Suryakant Sawhney to ask him when he...
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02 February 2015


Radio Broadcaster and DJ IAMRISHA hosts a bi-monthly show on Delhi-based online station Radio 79. It's called 'A Worldwide Thing' and showcases global underground sounds that range from soul and funk through to tropical bass. Every month she'll bring us a recap of the show's freshest sounds and styles - exclusively for Wild City. Sounds from Planet Mu this month with the new release from Scottish Producer Claude Speeed with his EP ‘Sun Czar Temple.’...
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02 February 2015

In Pictures: Diggin' In Delhi

Explore the dusty shelves of Delhi’s New Gramophone House. A photographer and videographer who’s worked for the likes of The Guardian, BBC News, CNN and Fred Perry, Tom D Morgan is also a music loving vinyl obsessive. As one of the key players behind the Brand New Wayo collective, Tom has been curating a popular mix series whilst also spinning records at parties in London and around Europe. A recent trip to India saw Tom combine his profession...
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28 January 2015

RESET: Captivating Dance Music Aficionados Across India

Multi city concert tour RESET was no doubt one of the highlights in dance music last year – not just because it’s a great party to attend but also because of the way it promotes and encourages cutting edge, homegrown Indian talent to spread their sounds to wider audiences. Boasting Funktion One soundsystems and visuals to boot, RESET created an unmatched dance ambiance, packing venues and delivering high levels of energy to sprawling crowds in...
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21 January 2015


Radio Broadcaster and DJ IAMRISHA hosts a bi-monthly show on Delhi-based online station Radio 79. It's called 'A Worldwide Thing' and showcases global underground sounds that range from soul and funk through to tropical bass. Every month she'll bring us a recap of the show's freshest sounds and styles - exclusively for Wild City. I'm gonna bounce right in with a few of my favourite tracks from the past few weeks. Silky smooth neo-soul gem Mayor Hawthorne...
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19 January 2015

VITAL Recommends: Producers Who Impressed In 2014

While we have discussed some of the artists, festivals and releases that caught our eye in 2014, there was so much more to say. Our list could not possibly do the burgeoning music scene in our country justice. For every musician we thrust in the limelight, another is left in the shadows. Being in the unique position of judging an artist's work leaves many writers feeling not only giddy with momentary power, but also colors their perception of musicians...
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14 January 2015

Wild City's Essential 2014 Roundup

2014 had a lot going on. Homegrown artists churned out EPs like nobody’s business, festivals sprouted up at obscure corners of the country, grabbing the attention of noteworthy international acts who gave some unforgettable performances this year. It was an eventful year, so much so, that we felt the need to create a comprehensive round up of all the things that particularly caught our eye and we feel are important to mention as we enter the new...
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09 January 2015

Border Movement Visual Lab & Kompakt Showcase At Magnetic Fields

Image Credit: Nishant Shukla The last month of 2014 was for many (including this author), defined by a singular hazy, ethereal weekend embellished with stars and light – an empty oasis in the desert brought to life by the sound of music and laughter, and imbibed with the energy of a thousand existing as one. The Magnetic Fields experience often seems to inspire superlatives in even the harshest critics, and not without reason. Of course, like any...
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09 January 2015

In Profile: B.Visible

When thinking of Austrian music, I’m ashamed to say (well, not really) that the song that instantly comes to mind is Falco’s catchy pop anthem ‘Rock Me Amadeus’, as well as the various parodies that followed. Of course, Austrian musical vocabulary is not (and should not) be limited to a multihued-wigged Falco beckoning an 18th century composer to “come and rock” him, no matter how iconic his pop-star status is. To be perfectly honest,...
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08 December 2014

VH1 Supersonic and Sunburn Impress With 2014 Lineups

It’s that time of the year again where electronic dance music fans in India make the long pilgrimage to southern party capital, Goa, for two of the countries biggest music festivals. VH1 Supersonic and Sunburn festival will both take place from 27 to 30 and 29 December respectively, and this year’s clash of titans is predicted to be more massive than ever before. It all began back in 2007 when entertainment megalith Percept partnered with tireless...
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24 December 2014


Radio Broadcaster and DJ IAMRISHA hosts a bi-monthly show on Delhi-based online station Radio 79. It's called 'A Worldwide Thing' and showcases global underground sounds that range from soul and funk through to tropical bass. Every month she'll bring us a recap of the show's freshest sounds and styles - exclusively for Wild City. I rarely play Jamaican dancehall on this show but when I heard the new Gappy Ranks track remixed by Murlo I couldn't resist...
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24 December 2014

Exclusive First Listen: Else If

Else If, New Delhi’s newest electronica outfit, will debut at this year’s Magnetic Fields Festival. Comprised of G ‘Force’ Arjun, of Jalebee Cartel fame, and classically trained guitarist Puneesh Suri, the duo are equal parts excited and nervous to showcase their music to an audience for the very first time. G ‘Force’ has been pretty quiet since his Cartel days and of course we are eager to see what him and his collaborator have in store...
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04 December 2014

Exclusive: Kompakt Records Showcase At Magnetic Fields

A year ago I stood in one of Delhi’s premier nightclubs, impatiently tapping my foot. It was around 12.30am and a group of rotund, beige-uniformed, revolver-strapped gentlemen had entered the club. Whilst swirling my drink and listening to my friends complain about the music (because none was playing) I watched a number of promoters running around and looking glum at their own powerlessness. With the gig essentially over, I went through the highlights...
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02 December 2014

The Desert Survival Guide To Magnetic Fields 2014

Bedouins, prepare for takeoff. The time is upon us. Our nomadic wanderings will be culminating shortly in the nebulous depths of the final frontier this December. With Magnetic Fields Festival barely a moon away, we hope that our fellow adventurers are as excited about this year’s line up as we are. The music, however, serves as the central point - the axis, if you will, to a much larger picture. As exasperating as it is when festival-goers state...
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26 November 2014

RBMA Toyko Reflections From Mr. X

It was with great disappointment that we learnt Tokyo’s 2011 edition of Red Bull Music Academy had to be postponed. Due to the devastating events that followed March’s earthquake and tsunami and the severe problems at Fukishima nuclear plant, the Academy relocated to Madrid in 2011 (hosting two Indian participants: Jivraj Singh and Jeet Zitar). 3 years later and hot on the heels of the Academy's 14th edition - which ran for three weeks in New...
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20 November 2014

In Conversation With: My Panda Shall Fly

It can be hard to gauge someone in one conversation. It can be harder still if that conversation is not in person, but rather over the phone or via email. It can get messy, as a writer, attempting to give readers an accurate representation of an individual you have never actually met before. However, every once in a while there comes along a personality so interesting, that the profile basically writes itself. Suren Seneviratne, the man behind My...
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18 November 2014

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