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5 Minutes With: dEbruit

The second edition of The Lost Party has got one of the most exciting lineups we’ve seen this year so far. Among the many acts we’re looking forward to witnessing at the picturesque venue at Saltar Lake, in Maharashtra is Brussels based synth magician - débruit. Xavier Thomas’ alias is a portmanteau of debris and ‘bruit’ – the French word for noise. And while débruit’s music is always a heady collision of sounds and styles he’s collected...
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11 February 2016

Wild City Singled Out: January 2016

Wild City handpicks the most interesting one-off singles released by artists in South-Asia in our new monthly feature - Singled Out. If you’d like us to listen to your music, send the relevant info to music@thewildcity.com or contact us privately on SoundCloud. Wild City came back to HQ post New Year’s to find our inboxes and social media feeds flooded with music by producers and musicians from South Asia. Apart from a couple of albums and EPs...
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08 February 2016

In Conversation With SYSTEM Music Boss V.I.V.E.K.

Not many people have dedicated their careers to perfecting thier art, in the way that has been done by SYSTEM Music boss Vivek Sharda. The acclaimed producer, DJ and label owner will play in Delhi tonight (Thursday 28 January) for the fifth chapter of ECHO – a series of clubnights we began last year with the aim to push sound system culture and old-skool, wall cracking (original) dubstep to the masses. ECHO’s last edition with prodigal Deep Medi...
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28 January 2016

An Interview With: Shigeto

Shigeto is the stage and middle name of Zachary Saginaw, a Detroit based drummer and producer of downtempo electronic music rooted in hip-hop and jazz, who is one of the leading acts performing at this edition of Magnetic Fields in Alsisar Mahal (Rajasthan). To say we’re excited about seeing the Ghostly International signee perform live wouldn’t do justice to his work. The musician’s production sees influence from a host of different musical...
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08 December 2015

Last Leg: Contribute To Delhi Sultanate's Reggae Sound System Campaign

It’s the last leg of the race for Delhi Sultanate, whose campaign on crowdfunding website Indiegogo seeks to raise the money to build one of India’s first reggae sound systems. The idea that underlies his ambitious new project is that music should be experienced as an open community. Bass music shouldn’t just exist within clubs reserved for a small percentage of our music loving populace – it should be open to anyone who wishes to be a part...
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12 January 2016

In Profile: RATATAT

Evan "E*Vax" Mast and Mike Stroud are RATATAT – the two-piece electronic and instrumental duo who are headlining the third edition of Magnetic Fields Festival. There was a point in time - somewhere between LP3 and LP4 (we were a bit late to the game) when RATATAT would be playing in the background of every house party in our bigger cities. When India was still in that awkward crossover phase between cover bands and bedrooms producers/DJs, RATATAT’s...
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16 December 2015

Wild City’s Guide To Magnetic Fields 2015

We’re itching with anticipation for the third edition of Magnetic Fields, which kicks off this Friday (18 December). Not only does this year see the most extensive musical lineup to date, it also features a host of other activities and things to do and see over three days. Our comprehensive guide to Magnetic Fields covers it all – right from the music at various stages to the food and all our interactive installations. Before we move on, a little...
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15 December 2015

Review: IndiEarth XChange 2015

Wild City just got back on Sunday after a hectic but very enjoyable weekend in Chennai for IndiEarth XChange 2015 – a multidisciplinary, independent film, music and art festival that features a series of conferences, workshops and performances through the day, which brought in over 300 delegates together from 20 countries, over 3 days. I landed in Chennai on a bright Friday afternoon (one of the few sunny days the flooded city has seen lately though...
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02 December 2015

Robot Koch: On Change & His New LP ‘Hypermoment’

Berlin based Robot Koch is close to our hearts here at Wild City. The award winning musician, producer and all round perfectionist has kept his link with India and its music strong after headlining the flagship edition of Magnetic Fields in Alsisar Mahal Rajasthan. We’re very excited to have him back in India this coming week for the launch of #VOI Nights – a brand new music property we’ve launched with VOI Jeans that aims to showcase the best...
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25 November 2015

A Definitive Guide To The RBMA Stage At Magnetic Fields 2015

We’re just 23 days away now, Bedouins. Magnetic Fields Festival is almost upon us and if you’ve been following us you’ll know that the lineup and series of events this year is something special. One of the biggest highlights of the festival this year is the Red Bull Music Academy stage. Since its inception in 1998 in Berlin, the travelling Red Bull Music Academy has grown to become the foremost institution for contemporary music worldwide, with...
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23 November 2015

Gig Review: Skrillex In Delhi

On 11 October this year, over ten thousand pilgrims made the gruelling journey to that far corner of Gurgaon known to most as Leisure Valley, to witness their God in the flesh. A concert of mythical proportions was to take place on its plastic cup-adorned grounds, surrounded by sponsored tents selling unnecessary things to intoxicated young people, as is done. I was present there, on that clear, too-warm night in the stifling atmosphere created by...
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02 November 2015

The Essential Delhi Halloween Gig Guide 2015

Rejoice – summer is officially dead and the capital is at that sweet point when the air’s nippy, but not nippy enough to stop you from dressing slutty for everyone’s favourite made-up holiday - Halloween. Of course, every venue in every major city is cashing in on the night with Halloween parties and gigs. We thought we’d ease that painful decision of picking where to go and what to do with a little roundup of what’s happening in Delhi tomorrow...
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30 October 2015

In Profile: xxxy

If there existed a list of the most overused phrases and adjectives in a music journalist’s vocabulary, ‘cutting-edge’ would be near the top. It’s a clichéd descriptor that’s very useful when you can’t be bothered to define genres in more detail; we know this because we’re as guilty of using it as any of you. But you’ll have to forgive us in the case of Manchester born, Berlin native xxxy, because we were left floundering for a phrase...
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21 October 2015

Opinion Roundup: Skrillex In India

Not many people in the international music industry tend to polarize opinion as much as ‘EDM’ megastar and key figure in the international brostep revolution - Skrillex. People either tend to love him and his music (look at all the hype his India tour has created and you’ll know) or hate him, particularly his role in adulterating dubstep. Indifference, however, is next to impossible considering how ubiquitous his presence is – Skrillex’s...
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09 October 2015

In Conversation With: Flying Lotus

Good God, this interview made me nervous. I mean, it’s FlyLo isn’t it? The Los Angeles based experimental producer, rapper and DJ has released 5 studio albums so far, to increasing acclaim from fans and critics alike. He’s worked with absolute legends in music – Herbie Hancock, Thom Yorke and Kendrick Lamar (to say a thimbleful of names in an ocean) and is the leading figure behind BRAINFEEDER – one of American contemporary music’s most...
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01 October 2015

Compa's 7 Most Influential Dubstep Tracks

Compa – real name Will Brown, was born busy. He started making and releasing music very early on - after hustling hard to get himself heard, the Manchester native managed to release his debut 12” with Boka records. Then, after hustling harder, he finally signed to the label that he currently calls home - Mala’s enormously respected DEEP MEDi Musik when he was just 21 years old. That’s when the upward swing began – Compa’s music has garnered...
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25 September 2015

Tehran: SET Festival 2015

Siavash Amini While Iran is no stranger to electronic and experimental music, the revolution certainly caused it to stagnate for many years. Only in the last 5-years has the scene started to move and develop again. Iran’s musical space is comprised of a community that is now consistently putting out ambient, IDM and experimental electronic releases of a high quality via (predominantly) international and some domestic labels. It is however a scene...
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18 September 2015

5 Minutes With: Smoke Inc.’s Nishit Arora

Kolkata – land of Tagore, Sandesh and all the other stereotypically Bengali things we can think of also shelters some of the most forward thinking acts in the subcontinent. Think outfits like Skinny Alley and its sister act PINKNOISE, Ganesh Talkies, The Supersonics, Neel and the Lightbulbs – we could go on and on. Residents of the city of joy may have noticed an upsurge in live performances in the last couple of years, particularly after the...
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09 September 2015

Stop Saying EDM: The Rookie’s Guide To Electronic Music (Part II)

***The Rookie’s Guide To Electronic music picks up from Part I. We recommend you read it first before moving on.*** Last I left you, we were talking about IDM in Part 1 of the Rookie’s Guide, and as promised here’s the rest of the list with more genres and videos for you to peruse at ease. Keep in mind that while we’ve tried to cover as many genres as possible, we’ve also had to keep it relevant to the history of elecronic music and the...
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31 August 2015

Sulk Station: Being heard

**Toto Funds The Arts is currently calling for applications for the 2016 awards. The last date to apply for the Toto Music Award 2016 is August 25th. More information here.** When UK Young Artists and Arts Council England sought TFA’s help in recommending and short listing artists for WEYA- the World Event Young Artists, Toto Funds the Arts (TFA) considered many artists who had previously applied for their annual awards. Sulk Station’s music stood...
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20 August 2015

Stop Saying EDM: The Rookie’s Guide To Electronic Dance Music (Part I)

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘EDM’? I asked a bunch of people and got an interesting selection of answers, from the predictable (“DJs”, “dance”, “untz untz untz”, “recreational drugs”) to the less predictable (“purple”). What was clear however, was how polarised peoples opinions and reactions towards the term were. Their faces either displayed fondness (presumably) at memories of drunkenly vomiting on their own...
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14 August 2015

Dekmantel 2015: Review

Dekmantel, which means cloak in Dutch, started as a series of underground parties in Amsterdam, run by two music-obsessed friends called Casper Tielroij and Thomas Martojo. In a few short years, the Dekmantel name has grown to include a taste-defining record label and what has become one of the world’s best techno and house festivals. This year’s edition, the festival’s third, saw the event continue it’s upward trajectory with a stellar line-up...
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10 August 2015

Spirare: Like A Forgotten Memory...

“I used to be really negative. I used to believe that Pakistan isn’t going to change for the better but then instead of listening to the news, I listened to people and what they do. I’m a lot more hopeful now. The older generation is more set in their ways but the younger lot are now un-learning all the bias and discrimination they’ve been taught over the years,” says Kiran Shazad, a Lahore-based artiste, who has been dabbling with minimal...
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29 July 2015

Dosti Music Project: A Meaningful Dialogue With Three Nations

Applications For Dosti 2016 Open On July 1 And Will Close On August 1 At 5:00PM E.S.T. Although music has anchored the integration of society and culture from time immemorial, many theorists believe that it has also played a pivotal role in evoking change within a regressive social order. Reinforcing the need to forge bonds through a synchronous sociocultural movement, over the last few decades, this particular art form has helped constitute a passionate...
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22 July 2015

Daedelus: Music's Most Respected Madman In Profile

The son of a professor and an artist, Alfred Darlington is a Los Angeles beat scene veteran, clothed in the velvet and frills of 19th century Victorian dandyism. His alias ‘Daedelus’ (only difference is that it’s spelt Daedalus) is taken from the mythological Greek character of the same name – a mad, genius inventor who was responsible for the labyrinth that contained the Minotaur and was the father of legendary imbecile, Icarus. Daedalus...
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08 July 2015

On Monica Dogra & The Lines That Separate Critique And Provocation

We know nobody asked for another article on Monica Dogra, but try and bear with us. Over the last week, the Internet floodgates opened to drown our social media feeds with statuses, tweets and opinion pieces on Monica Dogra and the controversy surrounding her crowdfunding campaign ‘Shiver’. The campaign was launched to raise money for a music video, and possibly other live art projects, that will champion social change and human rights in India,...
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07 July 2015

Keeping Up With Jivraj Singh

We weren’t particularly surprised when Jivraj (‘Jiver’) Singh told us how it was going. ‘Hectic!’ Out of everyone making music in India, only a handful are, arguably, quite as prolific as this particular drummer. There’s scarcely a moment when he isn’t doing something. Search his name and you’ll find a jumble of work he’s contributed to in the past. This includes playing with the Dualist Inquiry band, numerous collaborations with...
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29 June 2015

Sonar 2015: Review

Sonar is at the forefront of its game by bringing one of the most beat-drilling and energetic festival experiences to dance revellers. This year saw nearly 120,000 people from just over a 100 nations travel for the three day experience. Barcelona became even more vibrant. The energy in the city was high, people around alive and the Estrella beer truly flowing with the festival activity managing to transcend pockets of the city which heightened excitement. Sónar...
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26 June 2015

5 Standout Music Videos From 2015

We can’t overstate the importance of the music video in the current cultural climate. In a 2014 interview with filmmaker Sachin Pillai, a prolific figure in the (largely) indie arena, we spoke about its relevance and how, when executed correctly, a good video can work in harmony with sound, helping to enhance rather than hinder. Despite the onslaught of formulaic music videos with flashy imagery and gyrating bottoms (Arca wins that round) - the...
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19 June 2015

Watch: Recap Video Of Parra For Cuva's Delhi Show

After witnessing an incredible performance by HVOB in March this year, we brought down German downtempo electronic savant Parra for Cuva, otherwise known as Nicolas Demuth, to Delhi as part of a tour to push his acclaimed new album ‘Majouré’. As expected, his performance at antiSOCIAL in Hauz Khas village New Delhi was stuffed to the gills with a crowd enchanted by Parra for Cuva’s whimsical downtempo tunes, and now it’s time to relive the...
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12 June 2015

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