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Sandunes On 'Downstream', Industry Pressures & The Need For More Women In Music

Sanaya Ardeshir’s got the kind of rare self-awareness, reflexivity and casual (borderline oblivious) verity that makes interviewing her particularly enjoyable. As one of the few artists, and certainly one of the thimbleful of women producers who has successfully managed to navigate the independent music space; she managed to make a living without compromising on her own sound and image. Her training as a pianist led her subsequent electronic production...
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13 October 2016

Ben Walsh On ‘Remix Experiment’ & The Art Of Improvisation

New Delhi’s going to witness a very special performance this Saturday night with experimental percussionist Ben Walsh, who will be flying down all the way from Australia to present his improvisational solo show – ‘Remix Experiment’. Walsh is probably known best for his live drum n’ bass act The Bird, which has been running since the late 90s and sees him on percussion and partner Simon Durrington on keys. Their shows are intense experiences,...
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01 October 2016

The Serious Business Of Desi Bass: An Interview With Su Real

“As soon as you are trying to play your first paid gig, you're trying to make a career out of your music - meaning you are putting out a product for consumption.” Like any other industry, the business of music has certain topics of conversation that, as a journalist, are much smoother to approach than others. Family, influences and artistic opinions are of course, far easier to broach than what is arguably the greatest taboo topic of all – money,...
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22 September 2016

In Conversation With: RBMA Selectee Oceantied

Ketan Bahirat’s had a good year. He’s just back from a multi city European tour with KRUNK and is currently getting set to represent the country at the very prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal later in October with fellow Bangalore producer The Sine Painter. Bahirat lives and breathes music and the industry. He’s been responsible for some incredible work with post-rock outfit Until We Last, before initiating his solo project Oceantied...
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15 September 2016

Wild City Singled Out: August

Wild City handpicks the most interesting one-off singles released by artists in South-Asia in our monthly feature - Singled Out. If you’d like us to listen to your music, send the relevant info to music@thewildcity.com or contact us privately on SoundCloud. ‘LUV CNDY PRTY’ by Talal Qureshi Pakistani producer Talal Qureshi’s career has taken a massive upward curve this year since he began travelling and performing all over the world for Diplo’s...
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02 September 2016

Review: Dekmantel 2016

I almost didn’t make it to Dekmantel this year. I’d gone the two previous years, and they’d been golden - the festival consistently puts together one of the world’s best electronic music lineups in a sun-dappled forest outside Amsterdam. To my eyes (and ears), it can do very little wrong. But that also means it surely can’t keep on getting better, especially when there’s not a whole lot to improve on. What’s it going to do? Take my two...
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31 August 2016

Getting It Right: An Interview With Bradley Zero

‘Be a very open individual - no pretention…no paranoia – no anything.’ Boiler Room’s Thris Tian and Nic Tasker along with British DJ, label owner (and all round institution) Gilles Peterson gush about Bradley Zero in a fascinating little documentary style interview by Stamp The Wax, that gives us a little peek into the life of the Peckham DJ and Rhythm Section show-runner. For the uninitiated - Bradley Zero is a Peckham (a district in South-East...
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19 August 2016

Wild City Singled Out: July 2016

Wild City handpicks the most interesting one-off singles released by artists in South-Asia in our monthly feature - Singled Out. If you’d like us to listen to your music, send the relevant info to music@thewildcity.com or contact us privately on SoundCloud. ‘Kya Farak Padega’ by Peter Cat Recording Co. PCRC are coming out with new tunes from their back catalogue in Transmissions, and ‘Kya Farak Padega’ was one of the three new tracks to...
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11 August 2016

Bridging The Gap: An Interview With Sarathy Korwar

Sarathy Korwar isn’t a name I knew of before May this year. The young London based Indian musician sort of appeared out of the blue with news of a debut LP releasing through Ninja Tune. Alongside this there were details of him being granted an award with The Steve Reid Foundation, a charitable trust established by Brownswood / Gilles Peterson with the dual objective of helping musicians in crisis and also supporting emerging talent. Through this...
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29 July 2016

Wild City Singled Out: June 2016

‘Storm In A Teacup’ by Sparkle and Fade w/ Fuzzy Logic Mumbai’s Sparkle and Fade has two tracks out so far and his latest has been co-produced with Fuzzy Logic (who’s very busy these days with the release of a new EP and crowdfunding campaign). There’s a sort of vast airiness about ‘Storm In A Teacup’, which, when combined with intricately layered, gradually building melodies and chimes makes for a post-rock inspired piece of electronica...
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15 July 2016

Sonar 2016: Review

We'd finally made it. The first time that Barcelona’s Sonar Festival had taken priority over Glastonbury just a week later in the UK. To say we were excited would be an understatement. Split across 2 main venues; Sonar By Day and Sonar By Night, it has for many years offered the world’s most diverse and daring programme alongside an incredibly informative and interactive schedule of business and outreach activities. This year’s parallel conference...
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09 July 2016

In Conversation With: Curtain Blue

Out of the many names in alternative Indian electronic music, Abhishek Bhatia’s stands out as one of the more prolific, consistent and original of the lot. Apart from his work with alternative rock project, The Circus, Bhatia’s solo electronic project Curtain Blue has seen a fair amount of attention in the last couple of years it’s been running, but 2013 was a real turning point. It was at the first edition of Magnetic Fields Festival in Rajasthan...
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05 July 2016

Wild City Singled Out: May 2016

Wild City handpicks the most interesting one-off singles released by artists in South-Asia in our new monthly feature - Singled Out. If you’d like us to listen to your music, send the relevant info to music@thewildcity.com or contact us privately on SoundCloud. ‘Mariage’ by Nightlust We have no idea who bedroom producer Nighlust is, or where he or she is from, but new track ‘Mariage’ caught our attention after one of our favourite music...
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17 June 2016

Nucleya: The Making Of India’s Biggest Brand In Electronic Music

It’s not much of a stretch to say that most Indian electronic music exists either at ‘EDM’ events and festivals like Supersonic and Sunburn, or on the flipside, in the sort of hipster-niche vacuum of your Bandras and Hauz Khas Villages. It’s the difference between mainstream and alternative, so-cool urban city culture and small towns and (this point is especially important in India’s case) the difference between class. It’s in India that...
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09 June 2016

5 Minutes With DIVINE

If you’ve been following us in the recent past, you’d know that we’re all big, big fans of Mumbai gully-rapper DIVINE a.k.a. Vivian Fernandez here at Wild City. He’s been featured in our monthly feature ‘Singled Out’ after releasing a video ode to his city for his solid tune ‘Jungli Sher’ and more recently for his impressive freestyle skills on BBC Asia Network’s Fire In The Booth. In an era where most Punjabi hip-hop still revolves...
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03 June 2016

Wild City Singled Out: April 2016

‘Seditious Raga feat. Yogmaya’ by Ravana Ravana’s warped bhajan from hell comes from his forthcoming album ‘Anti Nationals’ and was released with another fiery single called ‘Sabse Khatarnak’. The lo-fi number combines female classical vocals (slightly cringe ‘sa re ga’ croons) with this off-kilter percussion and heavy, almost muddied bass that makes for a track that is original and provocative. We’ll be keeping an eye out for...
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09 May 2016

5 Minutes With: Engine Earz

DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Prash Mistry is probably best known for forming UK bass collective – the Engine Earz Experiment, which has been fusing dubstep styles with sounds from the subcontinent since it began in 2009. For the last couple of years however, Mistry has been focussing his attention behind the scenes, bringing down massive acts like Skrillex and Major Lazer to India, and running VH1 Supersonic’s bass stage – Arms House...
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29 April 2016

The Rookie's Guide To A Night Out In New Delhi

You’re standing in front of a large, expensive looking metal gate somewhere deep inside the lower intestines of Sainik Farms, trying to fish out some cash to pay a bored cabbie while your sloshed new friend rushes out for a quick piss next to a sign that says ‘B/42 MALHOTRAS’. It’s already 3 am. You spent the last half hour trying to find the damn place, navigating empty streets shrouded in velveteen blackness. There are points of lights scattered...
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22 April 2016

Wild City: Singled Out March 2016

‘Unikona’ by Paralights and Sandunes Politics in music seems to be the flavour of the season with Sandunes and Paralights continuing last month’s streak in their day-long collaborative creation ‘Unikona’. We’re not sold on the chipmunked vocals and, not gonna lie, those petulant-college-freshman lyrics are a bit cringe. Maybe I’d be more comfortable with this if either Sandunes or Paralights had referenced politics in the past, because...
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08 April 2016

Roska’s Top 5 UK Funky Tracks

After some truly memorable performances by the likes of Palms Trax and Flako, we’re all set to bring down producer and DJ Roska as part of our new international property - Various Artists. Though often bracketed under the broader and less experimental genre that is UK funky, Roska’s sound is really an amalgam of funky’s accessible melodies and moods with swung house percussions and room shaking sub-bass. The ace selector and producer first began...
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22 March 2016

Flako’s ‘Natureboy’: Songs For The Great Open Cathedral

“And in the evening When the sky is on fire Heaven and earth become my great open cathedral Where all men are brothers Where all things are bound by law And crowned with love Poor, alone and happy I walk by the surf and make a fire on the beach And as darkness covers the face of the deep Lie down in the wild grass And dream the dream that the dreamers dream” – from ‘Full Moon’ by Eden Ahbez Among the many motivations which inspired one of...
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17 March 2016

Wild City Singled Out: February 2016

Wild City handpicks the most interesting one-off singles released by artists in South-Asia in our new monthly feature - Singled Out. If you’d like us to listen to your music, send the relevant info to music@thewildcity.com or contact us privately on SoundCloud. ‘Revolution’ by Oceantied Known largely for his work with Bangalore post rock band Until We Last, Ketan Bahirat’s solo Oceantied project is now paving the way for more young artists...
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14 March 2016

Building Communities With Boiler Room's Head Of Music Raj Chaudhuri

The Coalition begins tomorrow and as some of you may already know, Wild City is co-curating the music stream for the event. The day will feature a number of talks and panel discussions on various aspects within the music industry – from how to run a solid live show, to how to recognise and place talent within the industry as a manager. We’re particularly excited for ‘Future Communities’, a discussion that aims to highlight the importance of...
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03 March 2016

A Brief History Of Perc Trax

The lineup for the 2016 edition of concert series Transition might be one of the best we’ve ever seen in India for techno. Performing with the likes of Paula Temple, Brian Sanhaji, Bas Mooy, Tommy Four Seven, Truncate is iconic producer, selector and label owner – Perc. Right from his earliest days as a young producer in the UK to his transition into becoming one of electronic music’s key figures, Ali Wells has been redefining the way techno...
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18 February 2016

Kenny Dope: The Legend In Profile

You could fill a book with Kenny ‘Dope’ Gozalez' various contributions to modern music. His original production and remixes both solo or as one half of Masters At Work easily runs into the thousands at last count, and his enormous collection of vinyl had already soared over the 50,000 mark. Amazingly, despite his enormous output, the artist has never sacrificed quality or consistency. Read his 4 page bio and innumerable interviews online and you’ll...
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16 February 2016

5 Minutes With: dEbruit

The second edition of The Lost Party has got one of the most exciting lineups we’ve seen this year so far. Among the many acts we’re looking forward to witnessing at the picturesque venue at Saltar Lake, in Maharashtra is Brussels based synth magician - débruit. Xavier Thomas’ alias is a portmanteau of debris and ‘bruit’ – the French word for noise. And while débruit’s music is always a heady collision of sounds and styles he’s collected...
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11 February 2016

Wild City Singled Out: January 2016

Wild City handpicks the most interesting one-off singles released by artists in South-Asia in our new monthly feature - Singled Out. If you’d like us to listen to your music, send the relevant info to music@thewildcity.com or contact us privately on SoundCloud. Wild City came back to HQ post New Year’s to find our inboxes and social media feeds flooded with music by producers and musicians from South Asia. Apart from a couple of albums and EPs...
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08 February 2016

In Conversation With SYSTEM Music Boss V.I.V.E.K.

Not many people have dedicated their careers to perfecting thier art, in the way that has been done by SYSTEM Music boss Vivek Sharda. The acclaimed producer, DJ and label owner will play in Delhi tonight (Thursday 28 January) for the fifth chapter of ECHO – a series of clubnights we began last year with the aim to push sound system culture and old-skool, wall cracking (original) dubstep to the masses. ECHO’s last edition with prodigal Deep Medi...
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28 January 2016

An Interview With: Shigeto

Shigeto is the stage and middle name of Zachary Saginaw, a Detroit based drummer and producer of downtempo electronic music rooted in hip-hop and jazz, who is one of the leading acts performing at this edition of Magnetic Fields in Alsisar Mahal (Rajasthan). To say we’re excited about seeing the Ghostly International signee perform live wouldn’t do justice to his work. The musician’s production sees influence from a host of different musical...
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08 December 2015

Last Leg: Contribute To Delhi Sultanate's Reggae Sound System Campaign

It’s the last leg of the race for Delhi Sultanate, whose campaign on crowdfunding website Indiegogo seeks to raise the money to build one of India’s first reggae sound systems. The idea that underlies his ambitious new project is that music should be experienced as an open community. Bass music shouldn’t just exist within clubs reserved for a small percentage of our music loving populace – it should be open to anyone who wishes to be a part...
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12 January 2016

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