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Isaac Delusion

20 April 2013
Lake View Road

Isaac Delusion combine the efficiency of pop and avant-garde with quiet, hazy, floating sounds that sit well within the genre of 'dream pop', like their French compatriots M83. Either way, only the shadow of an airy sleep can allow someone to intermix pop, electronica, hip-hop loops, folk and a funk bass, all with an unbearable lightness.

The track 'Midnight Sun' drew its imagination from travels to Iceland and elsewhere, from experiments. All this has been amplifying lately, a few gigs in New York for CMJ Festival, Berlin, Barcelona and Warsaw, the Pitchfork Festival, Radio Nova, vinyl, encounters.

Dreams actually stick to their skin. Just like it disappears when trying to catch one of them, their music is elusive. The first release was about sun at midnight, the second is about dawn. They are already working on a full length, because light can’t stop them dreaming awake.

Get a taste with the video for their single 'Midnight Sun' below:


Image Credit (thumbnail): Pierre Torrell

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