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Disco 31: Moniker & Su-Real

23 February 2013
New Delhi

In the short span of a year, Moniker has established himself as one of the most exciting underground DJs in New Delhi. Also part of the Trap DJ Collective with T.L.R.’s resident Disco 31 DJ Su Real, whenever the two get together for a back-to-back session the results are explosive.

This night promises to introduce New Delhi to the Zeitgeist of dance music - the latest bangers and underground sensations from around the world , presented in a rare format for Indian dancefloors: the back-to-back session. Similar to the soundclash format, both DJ’s take turns playing just 1 or 2 tracks at a time, however, in the back-to-back session the DJ’s mix between each other in a collaborative effort to keep the energy level rising.

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