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Tansane & Carius

07 December 2017
Levi's Lounge

Tansane strives, to find new and innovative production and performance techniques to blend together melodies, harmonies and time signatures into a soundscape that has the listener undertaking a journey through the music, and thereby experiencing it's ability to transform and translate the various nuances of reality. Tansane has an important role for technological advancements in their music production techniques and the resulting ability to work with sound and music to create something new and dynamic. Using these various techniques and influences, Tansane strives to create it's own signature sound through avant garde endeavors which showcase the various theories, and subtleties of musicians who have, and continue to pave the way for music to be an artistic reflection of human culture, and one of the few ethereal remnants of creativity in the sands of time.


Carius’ carefully planned sets feature only the unspoiled and contemporary sounds of Drum & Bass and Footwork from across the globe that will keep all the bass conscious heads happy.

Time: 9pm

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Image credits (main and thumb): courtesy of the artist

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