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Youngblood, Zenguin & Bad Pop

07 December 2017
New Delhi
Auro Kitchen & Bar

What started as the creative release of Alexis Young, the music of Youngblood is dreamy but insistent, a feather-soft pillow of lush sound anchored by electronic grooves. Her voice is equal parts comforting and disquieting, a cascade of melodies and luxurious texture that immediately captures your attention.


Zenguin is a duo, comprising of Saksham Gupta (from the progressive metal group Colossal Figures) and Akash Gupta. Their live-set involves the members playing a variety of instruments as well as incorporating electronic soundscapes and textures, while featuring various collaborating artists.


Bad Pop
They have grown up, and they’re kind of pissed off about it. So, this indie rock band turned to every teenager’s refuge: distortion pedals and sarcasm.

Time: 9pm

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Image credits (main and thumb): courtesy of the artist

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