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07 December 2017

Funk Nu Disco duo based in Mumbai, India. Mashing up Dirty Electro and Funk with old school Harlem swing they use live guitar + synthesizers + soulfully destroyed vocals to create a post-mod electro cabaret experience! MADBOY/MINK is just a year old and has been touring and playing intense high energy sets at big festival stages as well as underground parties across the country.


An Independent project and musical baby of Tarana Marwah, Komorebi is the ambient dream of the unconcious mind taking shape through rigirous and eccentric beats. Layered with harmonic melodies and synth work that allows the listener to traverse new sounds and sonic worlds.


Jungle dweller, producer, DJ and all around maverick. Cee has been in the game for two decades now, involved with projects like Al-Haca with 3 albums, lots of EPs and remixes plus years of touring and more recently, Bass Sekolah with the radio single “Lighthouse” & “The Dusun Sessions” featuring the likes of Daedelus, Perera Elsewhere, Phon.o and many more good friends. Alongside Stereotyp he helped shape global ecletic bass music in the early 2000s until he moved from Vienna to Kuala Lumpur.


After the release of her debut album Deceptive (2013), Mali has gone on to perform with some of the biggest artists from the independent scene in India, including Sapta, Dharavi Rocks, Tejas and has collaborated with Dualist Inquiry. She has performed at the biggest venues across India and is now looking to put down her sophomore effort in Bombay this year.


She's Drunk aka David Monnin first came into contact with electronic music in the early 2000s through the techno rave scene in France. Since then being based in Berlin for a couple of years, he found home in the collective/label 'Through My Speakers. By absorbing a wealth of different influences, he's built a reputation for a unique approach to the dance floor, whether that is intricate productions, eclectic DJ sets or explosive live shows.
He's characterized by his desire to experiment and produce club music with unconventional taste he's accumulated in the past 15 years of deejaying. His major focus is to surprise himself with an unexpected outcome by producing music in a spontaneous fashion, birthing accidents for later productions.

Time: 9.30pm

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