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Laxmi Bomb & Su Real

12 October 2017

Laxmi Bomb
A four-piece fire cracker, this electro-rock act has been creating sparks in the Indian indie scene since 2013. With a fine mix of ‘raanti-rap’ driven vocals, weapons rife with bass-cannons and a string of the dirtiest Indian tunes to leave your bodies ringing, this explosive quartet is all set for war (of the peace-loving-dancing kind, of course). Just remember, not all bombs are bad.
To get a little teaser of their music, listen here.


Su Real
Suhrid Manchanda is a New Delhi based DJ/producer whose name has become synonymous with trap, hip-hop and urban dance music in India. Su Real is at the forefront of a movement that is introducing a new breed of Indian music producers who create and curate for the modern Indian dance floor - desi bass. Su delivers DJ sets that are both physical and mental workouts and can whip a crowd into absolute panty-dropping hysteria.
If you want to know more about his music, check out his interview on Maed in India here.

Time: 8.30pm

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Image credits (main and thumb): courtesy of the artist

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