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REProduce Listening Showcase Feat. Jamblu, D80, Sister & More

22 September 2017
Ladakh Arts And Media Organization

The Ladakhi Folk Ensemble
This five piece ensemble has been performing in Ladakh for years, drawing on older traditions of music that run the risk of being lost in the passing of time. Their work deploys the daph (a large Middle Eastern frame drum), the damyan (a seven stringed lute), the surna (an ancient Iranian woodwind instrument), and the violin. As seasoned performers of a craft that spans centuries, we are honoured and excited to showcase their music here.


Kartik’s solo project as Jamblu can be traced back to his adolescence, but we’ve only had the good fortune of coming to grips with it for just over three years. Over three releases, his take on production reveals what the benefits of never compromising to suit anyone but yourself can mean in practice. His live performances, however, often present something else entirely. It is rare that any of his two sets will resemble one another, ranging from exercises in sub sonic frequencies, collaborations with harpists, cellists, and most recently, his own voice.


Anubhav Sharma has spent years on a certain unwavering vision - to bring his vision of disco to a public. Equally inspired equally by the likes of Lindstrøm on one hand and Sapan Jagmohan on the other, his DJ sets showcase recordings that span eras of disco across different geographies and contexts, while his live production sets focus on his own explorations of the form using synthesisers and analogue equipment. Having grown up in Delhi with a stint in Los Angeles, his recent return to Delhi has seen him bringing this body of work back to India.


Growing up in Leh and spending ones teenage years as a tour guide in one of the most breathtaking visual landscapes the world could present a context for the often unsettling and sometimes terrifying sonic landscapes that the artistry of Ruhail Kaiser presents. Rooted in the darker side of metal, his work has spanned grindocre and thrash metal via his other projects, BONEFVCKER, Sodh, and Vajrahvarah. Performing solo as SISTER however, he takes these tropes and subjects them to sort of a blunt knife evisceration, revealing something familiar, though embedded in memories that may not always be welcome. After two years of performance over the course of his ongoing studies at Delhi University in English Literature, this will be his first performance in his hometown.


The mental landscape of one Suryakant Sawhney is populated by objects in the mirror that are closer then they appear. As Lifafa - Urdu for "envelope" - he narrates this landscape through the variety of tools that someone of his creative pedigree has at their disposal. Luckily for us however, he has chosen to paint these pictures musically, pushing the namesake of his adopted alterego. On the cusp os releasing a long awaited EP, his is the kind of music that one would likely hear if there was a disco located underneath a circus ground located somewhere between a sleepwalking summer stumble through Delhi and a film set sexually deviant sorceresses exorcising the malaise that most electronic music seems to be mired in.


Hashback Hashish
Over multiple tours across Europe, the US, China, and of course India, Ashish Sachan has been producing electronic music for over five years, showcasing unrelenting minimal techno DJ sets and live production sets that swell, rise, and fall, sometimes over hours. His last live set in Bombay was at Coral Studios in Bandra last summer, and this will be his second live production set in this city. Aside from making his own music, he also runs CIRCUIT, a label that has had releases from producers such as Jamblu, 5volts, Perc, and _RHL.

Time: 4-8pm

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Image credit (main & thumb): courtesy of the artist

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