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Murthovic & Zokhuma

21 July 2017
New Delhi
Summer House Cafe

If some day in the future, if someone were to study the evolution of electronic music in Hyderabad, Murthovic’s contribution as one of the chief influencers will never go unnoticed.

Author, fuser, educator, creator - Murthovic has over a decade's experience in the industry. His abiding passion has seen him evolve his own celebrated brand of music, a variant of tech-house, progressive and techno with influences found in the rhythmic beats of soul, funk, disco and crossover sounds.


At the bleeding edge of his own future, Zokhuma (Arman Menzies) represents the end of old things, the beginning of new ones, and a forged alliance with those making alternative electronic music in previously uncharted territories. Unafraid to criss-cross between soundscapes you’ve never heard—think frantic, chopped-up African beats or moodier, experimental electronica—and soundscapes that are all too familiar, his sensibilities have a way of putting any audience at ease.

Well known in cult progressive metal circles in India for his earlier work songwriting and playing guitar for Goddess Gagged before moving on to study music production in the UK, he’s already performed in places like Croatia, Netherlands and Sri Lanka under his new moniker while cherry-picking his way through local gigs as well.

Time: 9pm

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