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The Sine Painter EP Launch & Corridors

20 May 2017
New Delhi

The Sine Painter
With a degree in Information Science Engineering, Bangalore producer Jayanth Ramachandra AKA The Sine Painter is deeply immersed in the possibilities of cybertechnology. Jayanth is committed to genre-breaking explorations and producing cinematic soundscapes repurposed for the dance floor. His music blurs the lines between genres, styles, and acoustic palettes.

His latest EP, ‘URL Utopias’, explores the idea of the internet as a “comfort zone” and as a realm of unexplored potential. The EP features an over-the-top, hyper-digital aesthetic composed in a month after a deep dive through Internet sub-cultures. Jayanth has re-contextualized everything: existing sounds, structures and compositional techniques in ways that are not often explored. The music is raw, the edges, jagged and the production is transparent.

The EP is probably the most accomplished creative vision we’ve heard from The Sine Painter yet and we’re excited to be a part of his artistic journey.


Support by: Corridors

Time: 9pm

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