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Akala, DJ Cheeba & Selectah Si Chai

31 March 2017

MOBO award-winning hip hop artist, writer/poet and educator ‘Akala’ is a label owner and social entrepreneur who fuses unique rap/rock/electro-punk sound with fierce lyrical storytelling.

Inspired by the likes of Saul Williams and Gil Scott-Heron, Akala delivers a powerful and raw live show with his renowned drummer/award-winning music producer Cassell ‘The Beatmaker’ (Plan B, The Streets and Keziah Jones) and DJ Jasetheface.

As well as completing 7 headline tours he has performed at some of the world’s most renowned festivals including Glastonbury, Womad, Wireless, V, Boomtown, Soundwave, Outlook, Hove and SXSW, he has also supported the likes of Jay-Z, Nas & Damian Marley, M.I.A. Christina Aguilera, Siouxsie Sue, Damon Albarn’s ‘Africa Express’ and Richard Ashcroft,

He has also been involved with numerous collaborations with the British Arts Council and various music projects in South-East Asia, Africa, The Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.


DJ Cheeba
Known for his unique style of turntablism and video manipulation, DJ Cheeba is hailed as one of the most progressive audio visual artists in the world today.

He has produced a variety of celebrated projects including video mixes, movie re-scores, adverts, documentaries and commissioned projects for like of Led Zeppelin and Aardman, as well as his eclectic mixtapes that have topped the iTunes download charts several times.

Using cutting edge AV technology alongside three turntables, Cheeba produces a variety of audio visual shows; from the cinema style ‘After School Special’ and ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ to the hard hitting club and festival shows like ‘Return To The Boom Bap’, ‘Double Vision’ and the hugely successful Beastie Boys tribute ‘3 Way Mix’.

With his cut and paste style of turntablism, audiences can expect a high paced mind blowing trip through hip hop and beat related genres that were made to make you dance, think, feel and smile.


Selectah Si Chai founded the award winning independent festival venue ‘Chai Wallahs’, which has been at the forefront of introducing new artists to the UK festival scene for 15 years. Si is known for having a keen ear for the next big acts to break, along with being able to programme a festival lineup to suit and entertain any audience at anytime of the day or night.

His sets are a journey through music, seamlessly genre hopping from reggae to hip hop, funk to soul, house to afro beat, broken beats to breaks. Si Chai has been known to be able to keep the party going for hours on end. A true pioneer in all sense of the word, The Exchange will host the Selectah’s first ever show in India.

Time: 9pm

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